Thursday, October 09, 2008

Some of the Wedding Pictures

I ended up taking some pictures for Greg and Mia and here are a few of my favorites. I wasn't planning on taking pictures, and I'm still learning the art for sure but it was fun. They didn't have a professional photographer, so a little sister with a camera may not have captured the day as well as other's may have... but it captured some great memories for sure!

This one is my very favorite!
Lounging around at the end of the day.
My sister-in-law Mia!
Me, Greg and Jason.
Honestly, it's still hard to believe Greg has kids... and now a wife!
My big brother's precious family!
You couldn't stage it better!
As soon as Trinity would drop the rose petals, Payton stopped to pick them up. He didn't leave one petal on the ground, it was so cute! Every wedding needs comic relief!


becca said...

Robyn, what a delight that you took wedding pics for them!
I was thinking you should download Picasa for free and brighten the photos with some fill light and on some you could do Soft Focus which gives that portrait look. Let me know if it works out!

Robyn said...

I actually have picasa and have lightened most of these pictures and have even soft focused some of them... but on some computers they still show up dark! On my computer they show beautifully, but on my work computer all of my pictures typically seem quite dark so I think it's a difference in screen color settings. I'm no techy though!

becca said...

How funny! Well, I suppose it must be a difference in computers. You do take wonderful photos.