Thursday, May 31, 2007

iTunes Adventures

Rob and Suzy and I stayed up late the other night listening to 30 second clips from different years with iTunes. We were particularly fond of the early/mid 90's era music. Bryan Adams, Boyz to Men, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, The Presidents of the United States of America, Celine Dion. Ah, those were the days! It's crazy how just a short snipit of a song can so clearly bring you back to another place in time. For me, it brought back mostly middle school memories. I'm going to lock my kids up for their middle school years. All middle schoolers should be institutionalized until their hormones settle down. That's my humble opinion :0) (Note the sarcasm here, please don't misquote me on this when I'm rich and famous!)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


1.) I worked at a local Public Access Television Station for a summer. It was a fun job. It was through a local job placement/training type of place that was helping at risk youth obtain job skills. I filmed, edited and created stuff to put on the t.v.

2.) I got a job half way through my senior year as a Barista at a local coffee shop. I'd do it again, that was lot's of fun too!

3.) I worked the next summer as a supervisor for another group of kids doing that same television job.

4.) When I first started school at Western Baptist College I got two jobs. One was working in the dining hall as a dishwasher/cooks help/pizza girl. Not quite as fun of a job as some others, but it paid... so that was good.

5.) I also got a job working 20 hours a month doing respite care for a mom who had two year old twins, one who had cerebral palsy. That was a rewarding job, unfortunatly though, they moved away after only a couple of months.

6.) I taught English in summer camps to middle school and high school kids in Taiwan. This was the summer after my freshman year of college. That was a great job, I'm so glad I got to be a part of a cross-cultural experience, especially one I got paid for!

7.) I got married and became a full time wife that next semester... I don't think that really counts as a job though.

8.) I worked the last two years of college on Student Government as the Student Activities Coordinator. That may have been one of the coolest jobs in the whole world!

9.) My first year out of college I was an assitant preschool teacher. Getting paid to play with kids? Priceless!

10.) I also worked about 30 hours a week that year doing child care for 3 elementary and middle school kiddos. I did that for about a year. Again, getting paid to take care of kids... not a bad gig!

11.) Toward the end of the child care gig I also started working part-time for Precious Portraits. Again, another fun job, mostly getting to work with kids (I more or less do the baby wrangling!). I still do that job now when I'm needed.

12.) And now I work as a Children's Ministry Director. I think this might be the job of all jobs (at least on most days!). I get paid to do something I already LOVE... trying to figure out the best way to reach kids for Christ and grow them in their faith. I'm a lucky girl!

Moral of the story? In my few short years of working I've held several jobs. Not one of them did I have an all-out blind formal interview for. Wierd eh? I've never gotten fired either. Yet! Well, this post was full of near useless information, but now you know more about me. How do you feel about that?

Happy Cutter Day!

This post is in honor of a very special woman, previously known only as "Aunt Suzy". Now also, known as "she who cuts"! Suzy has been working hard, planning lots, dreaming daily and patiently waiting for the day she could own her own cutter (it's a machine that cuts things on paper that she designed on her computer. It allows her to do some super-cool things with her scrapbooking business). Anyway, she's scrimped, she's saved, she's worked diligently... and the day has finally come (okay, it came like 2 weeks ago, but I'm just now getting around to posting!).

The kids and I whipped up a "brownie cake" to celebrate Suzy's Happy Cutter Day. We even sang the Happy Cutter Day song to her... it was quite fun!
Titus waits patiently to get his fair share of the creation.
Leeann is as much of a ham as ever, showing off her pretty smile!
Weston didn't care so much to be in on the picture action...
Logan poses ever-so sweetly!
For those who want up close and personal cake pictures. Okay, really I'm the only one that wants them, but since this is my blog... I'll post them. Because I can!


Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Special Day

Leeann proudly displays her tokens.
Feeding the ticket machine was more fun for these three than any of the other attractions. Isn't that just ironic?
There was a cool tree trunk in a play place in the mall. It was even cuter when Leeann was inside!
This is the sweet little face that first made me a mommy. I couldn't be prouder than to celebrate Mother's Day with my wonderful children!
And these are the two most wonderfully special men in the whole universe! Isn't it obvious why I adore them so much?

Chick N Cheese

That's what Leeann thinks that Chuck E. Cheese is called. We went there on Mother's Day (see previous posts), and these are some of the highlights.
A little sneak peak into our future no doubt!
I don't even know what kind of caption to put under a picture like this... but it was too cute to resist posting!
Leeann was playing, daddy was just 'helping'. Yup, sure!
These two spent most of the day in this silly bus, it was quite funny.

Mother's Day Surprise #1

I had the best Mother's Day ever this year! Rob and I play undercover operatives and we pulled one over on two special moms! First, we told Suzy we were driving up to Olympia to surprise Rob's mom for lunch. Rob's brother was going to meet us too, and his step-dad Carmin was going to help us pull of the surprise. Well, it was only partially true, because we had really conspired to meet Ronnie for lunch. So, while we were all sitting around at a mall waiting for mom and Carmin to arrive... in walks her husband Ronnie! She was a little giddy, and the boys were quite excited! Ronnie's mom and dad picked him up that morning and brought him down... it was such a great surprise!
We had lunch at Chuck E. Cheese and played games for a while. Logan's face says it all!
Weston showed his mommy how to play the games :0)
I don't know who enjoyed the day more...
Silly kids!

The only sad part about the day is that it went by so quickly. They did get to spend about 4 hours together, but then it was time for surprise #2!

Surprise #2

We did meet up with Rob's mom and Carmin, and uncle Dan and Christiane, and Carmin's daughter Laura... but it was for dinner, not lunch. She was suspicious that something was up aparently, but was clueless as to what. We met at a casino, but it was crazy busy so we headed down the road to McDonalds instead. It was probably better for the kiddos. The burping Shrek toys made it extra special!
Rob and Janice
Suzy, Rob, Janice and Dan (no Aunt Shelly *tear*)
Meemaw and Heepaw with some of the grand kids.
Awww, what a cute family :0)

All Tuckered Out

I don't know that we were but a few minutes down the road before I snapped these pictures. It was a long day with 6+ hours in the car, two super special surprises and way-too-much fun!

Nail Polish Accident

This is what happens when you try to paint your toenails with a 17 month-old in the room. It got on the carpet too... little bugger! What's even worse is that it happened when I was trying to get ready to go out of town for the weekend with Rob gone, and I had to pack up myself, both kids and all there stuff. I was already running late and then this catastrophe happened. It's like the law of motherhood or something!

Just some random pictures

My happy guy who got a little too close to the camera!
Our first visit to see baby Kamden, only hours old!
Leeann made her own jelly sandwhich for the first time. She was so proud of herself!
Where is the baby where my little girl now stands?

The Duck Park

A couple of weeks ago Rob decided that the ducks were hungry so we went and bought some bread and set out to give them some dinner. I think most of them had already ate, because they didn't seem too interested in what the kids had to offer...
Or maybe they didn't see Weston in his cool shades...
Maybe they thought Leeann was silly because her shirt was on backwards?
Titus just ate grass!
Or, maybe they were more concerned about their well-being than about getting dinner. Hmmm, I wonder why?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Some things I'm learning

It seems like these last couple of weeks have included a great deal of 'learning moments' for me. Some good lessons, some I'd rather not have to learn. All-in-all, God knows best and I trust that he's stretching me, molding me and shaping me so He can use me better in the future. I'm not sure He lets us go through pain and/or trials without a purpose. At least I hope not! I wish I could share more about what's been going on, but I suppose somethings are better left unsaid and/or undetailed :0)

So, here are a few things I've been learning:

1.) Keeping your son's binki in his bed is far better than mutilating it... just in case you were wondering!

2.) Sometimes doing something special for someone else is far better than anything you could be given.

3.) It's really important to know and trust that you are doing the right thing... that way you can stand up in the face of adversity.

4.) Gossip is never good.

5.) Nothing in the world is better than snuggles from someone you love :0)

6.) There's a right way to solve conflict, clear up misunderstandings, share concerns or comments or vent frustrations (see Matthew 18 specifically). There's also a bad way to do any of the above. I recommend doing it the right way :0)

7.) It's great to have a family. When I think of my family of origin I don't just think about parents and siblings. I've got aunts, uncles, counsins, grandparents, in-laws, lot's of steps, halves, used-to-be's, kind of were, and sort of are's galore. Ask me to draw my family tree for you sometime. It'll give you a good laugh! It's nice to know they're always there for me. It's priceless!

8.) God's ways and thoughts are far more profound than I can wrap my little pea-brain around. I recommend trusting Him!

9.) Not everybody is nice. I know, I know, most people have already learned this by now, but I'm overly optimistic and I believe the best in everyone. This is probably one of the hardest lessons I've had to learn lately. I don't feel like I do much that would land me on anybody's bad list. I can see why people wouldn't care for some of my particular traits, but I don't know that I've given anyone a reason to dislike me. I'm not used to people disliking me, and frankly, I'm not really sure how to handle this stark realization. I'm sure there have been people throughout my life who have disliked me, but I've been too optimistic to notice.

10.) I'm learning that you can never please everybody. For every person who thinks something should be done one way, there's at least one other person who thinks it should be done the exact opposite. Huh. It makes me realize that my personal opinion really shouldn't drive much of what anybody else does or doesn't do.

11.) Sometimes the best remedy in the world for being stressed out is going to a place that you love with people that you love. I had a most amazing day with Rob and Titus on Thursday (Leeann was at school). It makes me smile just thinking about being back out at 'the barn', the place Rob and I lived when we first got married. There isn't a more beautiful and special place in all the world!

12.) Money isn't everything, and it's not worth stressing about. It's either a tool or an idol. God provides all of our needs and so much more... what do I really have to worry about?

13.) I think that because of my crazy upbringing I'm emotionally and mentally calloused. I don't tend to deal with stress, sadness, or other emotions. It does, however, take a toll on my body. Wierd. I need to find another way to deal with things or my body is going to fall apart!

14.) Friends are priceless.

15.) A good husband is the best gift any woman could be given. Mine just happens to be the most amazing man in the whole world! Lucky me :0)

16.) I'm learning lot's about how my body deals with and reacts to different foods. I think I'm mildly allergic to coffee, chocolate and sugar. Not so lucky Me :0(

17.) Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger. You can find that written in the book of James. Profound!

18.) I'm coming to the realization that I enjoy writing. It was fun to be published in a local magazine... I wonder if I'll do more of that someday!

19.) I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up!

20.) I hope I'm never to old or wise to learn from others. I also hope that I'm so set in my ways that I can't lead and/or follow. I hope God can and will use me right up until I take my final breath!

Well, I suppose that more-or-less sums up some of my life as of recently. Due to #16 I'm holding up pretty well, but it's only because I don't know how to fall apart. Really, I'm overly optimistic and I believe the best in people and situations. It's kind of nice! We all have our crazy personality quirks, preferences and irritations... and God loves us all inspite of our wierdness. I like that about Him!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Stark Raging Mad!

Well, nap time didn't go so well (see previous post). After about 1/2 hour of hysterics, I gave him a different binki--I 'accidently' cut a hole in this binki's instead of cutting off the tip. I thought that might help, because it would deflate the binki but it wouldn't be such an obviously different feel.

Nope. Still mad! I let him cry for a little while longer than I finally got him up though he's VERY obviously still quite tired. Once I got him out of his play-pen and took him upstairs to play he threw an absolute tempter tantrum! Binki in hand (not in his mouth), he started flailing his arms, kicking toys and running one of the toys up against the wall. He was MAD! I think he got his temper from me (thanks dad!).

Anyway, he's doing fine now, but I've had better afternoons. It's no fun listening to your little one scream. I know it's harder for him, so I'm trying to be empathetic. We'll see how bed-time goes!

Binki Uh-Oh?

Titus's binki had an accident today. It stopped by the junk drawer and the scissors jumped out and accidently cut the tip off of his binki. He put it in his mouth and sucked on it a couple of times then took it out, looked at it and said, "Uh-Oh!", then he proceeded to stick his finger in the hole to see what on earth was going on. I don't think he liked the fact that his binki got an owie!

Oh well, I'm really sick of looking at it. He's got such a pretty smile, all too often hidden behind the plug. I feel bad taking it from him because I know how much he loves his binki (and his blankie, which he can keep), but enough is enough. I hope I'm strong enough to stick with it. Besides, his binkies are always dirty, no matter how often they're cleaned. They're just worn out and I refuse to buy new ones because I'd rather he just be done with them. We'll see how it goes...

...I just went in to check on him after about 7 minutes or so (he's usually done crying in about 1) and he's yelling at the top of his lungs. He's mad! I can't give in, I can't give in, I can't give in. I'd like to give in, but I can't because I know it will only get harder to wean him from it the older he gets. I won't give in, I won't give in, I won't give in...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Welcome to the World

Kamden Ezekiel Bierly was born at 8:06 this morning weighing in at 7 lbs. 1 oz. and 20 inches long. I took pictures at the hospital, but I haven't gotten to upload them yet. You can check out Eroica's blog on my links though to see pictures if you want! Congratulations Toby and Eroica (and big sister Kajsa!)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Grassroots Campaign

I entered Titus in a local radio contest... the most B B in Cricket Country. It's got some pretty cool prizes for the winning babies-- 0-1 and 1-2. Including a $50 savings bond, a $250 furniture gift certificate and more!

You can register (I know it's a pain...) but then you can vote for the most b b (Titus of course, #107)! Okay, so I'm a little biased, but if you are reading this, you probably are too :0)

Keep in mind you have to vote for 3 babies, no more, and no less, or they don't get counted. Votes are due by Wednesday at noon. Spread the word, post it on your blog (or link to mine), get your co-workers to vote (come on MTC, I know you all read this :0)

So please, take a few minutes to register and vote for the most b b in Cricket Country!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Daddy's Helper

I went to Java Network to do some work tonight and I came home to all of the kids in bed, except for Titus. He didn't want to go to bed because he was too busy helping daddy.

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The Many Faces of Leeann

This is what happens when you ask Leeann to smile a pretty smile :0)
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Chariot Race #2

Weston and Titus like to recreate "Chariot races", but a safer version. Titus climbs on Weston's pillow and Weston pushes him around. We've got the coolest floor for playing around on. Titus and Weston get along quite well...

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