Monday, October 27, 2008

Less Than 24 Hours

We appreciate your prayers for the social workers who will be making the decision of which family to place this young lady with. They should be meeting at 8:30, our time tomorrow morning to make their decision. Most of all, pray that she will be able to make a successful transition into her new family, and pray for her ability to attach to a new family too.

We're anxiously awaiting news, and my mind seems to be spinning more and more and as the day draws closer. I've found myself feeling far more anxious than normal lately... go figure!

We started this process back in May and first saw this girl's profile back in June, so we are excited to finally have an answer. Of course, we are very hopeful that they will choose our family, but ultimately we believe God will place her precisely where he wants her to be. And, tomorrow, we will know!

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