Monday, October 13, 2008

Don't take the ambulance!

We found out today that our 4th of July excursion cost us... well, a lot of money. Did you know that an ambulance ride just a few blocks costs more money than 231 grande double-chocolate chip blended cremes from Starbucks... and they aren't cheap drinks!

Here's the letter we got today:

"Dear Mr. Buhl,

We have now completed our investigation into your claim against the city of Albany.

Our investigation reveals that the slide was in good condition with no defects. It does not appear that your injury was the result of any negligence on the part of the City. Additionally, the City does not carry any no fault medical insurance coverage. We must therefore respectfully deny any claims you may present in this matter.

We trust you will understand that our obligation is to pay only those claims for which our Members are legally responsible."

I was assuming that since we as home owners are responsible for anything that happens on our property that perhaps it would be the same with the city... especially at a place like a water park that has a lot of potential dangers. Well, uh, I was wrong!

So, yeah, I still haven't quite processed that yet. God is soooo good, yet like I've said before anytime we feel like we have breathing room in our pocket book some thing crazy happens, like my husband getting a freak head injury going down a water slide resulting in him being transported via a really expensive ambulance ride. My first car was 1/3 the price of that short ride! Never mind the fact it was an '88 Ford Festiva...

The worst part is before I was going to take him myself but I couldn't find the keys since they were locked in the locker room and my confused husband couldn't remember the combination. Then I started to get a little freaked out and tried to figure out in my head what I would do if I were driving him to the hospital and he started convulsing or tried to take the wheel from me since he was acting quite freaky. Knowing then what I know now... I would have made him walk!

So, yeah, that's where we are. If I hadn't seen God provide in amazing ways so many times before I just might cry over this one. It's the second time we've been hit out of no-where with a nearly $1,000 unexpected medical bill. Since we've lived in this home (April) we've replaced the washer, bought Leeann a bed and purchased a set of bunk beds. We've replaced the tires on the van and had a few other car repairs. So, just as God seems to like to do, any money we've saved from moving into this place has faithfully gone out the back door. Isn't it ironic?

So, the moral of my story is this: If your emergency doesn't appear to be life-threatening, don't take the ambulance. Unless of course you are independently wealthy and enjoy spending your money on luxurious rides across town! And, be careful going down slides at water parks too!


rob said...

that's would have made me walk....I was suffering head trauma and you want me to walk to the hospital. Fortunately for you, had you done so, I wouldn't have remembered it.

SaraJane Campbell said...

Ohh poor Rob! Well if he was blogging like he should be with his blog he could have told his side of the story! Next time make him walk!!!! The exercise would do him good. :-)