Monday, September 12, 2011


Today I dropped my son off at Kindergarten.

I know I may be a little bias, but he was definitely the best looking kid in his whole class!

He was all decked out in his favorite shirt (Lego Starwars... what else is there?), sporting his Cars backpack and his Starwars lunch box. 

He seemed only slightly nervous this morning. Mostly he was just excited to finally be experiencing this thing called school. 

He's gotten to experience a fair amount of school and school related activities due to having a big sister, so he's been around enough to be comfortable with the whole idea, yet it's still been somewhat mysterious to him up until now. 

I walked him to the playground where his class was lining up getting ready to go inside. I was really glad that I wasn't the only paparazzi parent present. He lined up along with the other class, in a mass of 50+ five year-olds with his backpack on his back and his lunch box in hand while his teachers gave them instructions and told them what to expect when they line up each morning. 

I looked over at Titus at one point and suddenly I saw him blow me a kiss. My heart just about melted. A few minutes later his signed "I love you" to me from afar, which is something I often do with my kids when we aren't within speaking distance. 

Then, before I knew it, he walked in a single (not so straight) line through the gym and off to his classroom along with a whole bunch of other kids who will likely include his future best friend(s), his future nemesis(es) and his future crush(es).

But for now, he's still my baby, despite the fact that he's in school. Some people can't wait to get their kids off to school, I can't wait to pick him up so I can hear all about his first day of kindergarten. I bet he's having a blast! He loves people, he loves learning and he loves to be on the move... I think he'll do just fine!

Mommy on the other hand... well, I'm warming up to the idea. I haven't cried (yet). Though I admit, my house is currently much too quiet for my liking! 

Should I nap? Should I write? Should I clean? Should I read? Should I tackle a project? Visit a friend? Go shopping? The choices are plentiful.

 Or, I can stare at the picture at the beginning of this post of my handsome son and count down the minutes until I get to go pick him up. The latter seems like the most likely prospect at the moment! 

Here's to a new school year and a new chapter in life. Happy first day of kindergarten Titus!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Second Grade!

Today marked the first day of second grade for Leeann. Titus doesn't start kindergarten until next week, so he and I are hanging out at home today.

The other day I was asking Leeann what kind of things she might want to pack in her lunches so I could put some things on the grocery list. She suggested sandwhiches, fruit, vegetables, love notes, crackers, etc... throwing love notes into the conversation as if it had been as common or expected as your every day food item!

I certainly wasn't going to turn down her simple request, so I made sure to include a napkin love note in with her lunch this morning. 

She got water, a banana, a frozen green smoothie (this one had kale, banana, strawberry, peach, blueberries and watermelon in it), a peanut butter roll-up and a chocolate zucchini muffin that she and Titus helped me make yesterday.  

After a little bit of a traumatic morning (due in large part to the fact that the kids 'forgot' that I'd told them to eat breakfast while I was in the shower despite the fact that I told them to go do that just before I shut the door), I finally got to Leeann's hair. It ended up being a little messy due to the fact that it had dried a little too much while they finally got around to eating breakfast. But it still turned out cute. We're trying to perfect the side swept fish tail look because Leeann loves side braids and pony tails. 

Then after a little more drama trying to get out the door (this time due to the fact that Titus got an owie on the top of his foot and couldn't bare the thought of putting on his socks and shoes or walking to the car) we finally headed to school. Titus and I walked Leeann into her new classroom and took the obligatory first day of school picture at her desk. 

(Advice Needed: How long is acceptable as a parent to walk your child into their class and subject them to an embarrassing first day of school picture?)

Then she quickly headed off to get a little before school recess in with her friends. 

And just like that, my daughter is in second grade! By this time next week my son will be in kindergarten and I'll be wandering around aimlessly trying to determine my new role in life as a stay-at-home mom with both kids in school.  

But as for today, today I have a Lego date with Titus while Leeann is in school. We're trying to rebuild one of his broken fire trucks, which is quite a feat when you have to find teeny tiny specific pieces among his massive amounts of Lego's. 

Stay tuned next week for a first day of Kindergarten post, where I will undoubtedly turn into a big blubbery mess about sending my youngest child off to school for the first time... it should be a fun read!