Monday, December 31, 2007

Boey Meets Jesus!

The girl who's touched so many hearts and lives (the one who was featured on Extreme Make Over Home Edition in October) went to meet Jesus on Friday. What a beautiful little girl, inside and out, who made such a difference in the world in her 8 short years. Please pray for Boey's family at this incredibly difficult time in their lives. Hold your kiddos a little bit tighter in her memory, pray for a cure for pediatric cancer, and consider how short life is... who and what do you plan to live for if 2008 is your last year on earth?

For more information click on the link to Rebekah's Page on the left side of my blog.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas in a Nutshell

Beginning Saturday the 15th...

Saturday: Anniversary & Present Wrapping

Sunday: Laundry & Kiddo watching for some friends

Monday: More Laundry

Tuesday: Putting Away Laundry

Wednesday: Finishing the last of the Laundry

Thursday: Removing the clean laundry from it's recently put away locations. Packing, lots and lots of packing. Stress and turmoil. Steamers blended mocha to remove stress. Head to church, last minute work that took longer than expected. Getting on the road later than expected. Stuck in traffic. Arrive at families house in St. Helens for a Young family Christmas. Eat dinner. Give presents. Get presents. Lots and lots of presents (my step-mom really likes gift giving!) Stayed the night at Aunt Pam's house. Ditched some of the presents there to lighten the load while traveling. Go to bed pooped!

Friday: Leisurely got ready. Titus opened some birthday gifts from my family members. Mosied to the local Wal-Mart for deodorant (I knew I forgot something! I picked up My Girl for $5... my favorite movie ever too!) Headed up to Black Diamond, WA for an errand with some friends. Stopped at Wal-Mart for a neck heating pad thingy (cramp in the neck) and headed back down to Puyallup to stay with AUNT SUZY! Arrived at Suzy's to Weston and Logan who I've missed terribly (and Suzy, of course). Gave hugs, tickles and smiles. Tried to contain children who were super-excited. Stayed up too late :0) Ended up with Leeann in our bed. She's not fun to sleep with!

Saturday: Hung out at Aunt Suzy's. Met Steve, Heather and Micah for dinner at South Center. Shared a Starbucks. Ended up with both kids in our bed somehow. Even less fun than just having 1. It was on an air mattress too!
Sunday: Went to church in Kent, at Rob's home church. Had lunch with mom and Carmin. Helped clean one of the craft rooms (yes, there is more than one!) Hung out an had a merry time!

Monday: Woke up. Frantically tried to finish a last minute Christmas present that wasn't working out as planned. Wrapped it up just in time to fly out the door for Christmas Eve! Stopped by Wal-Mart for chips to bring to the party at Shelly's (Rob's older sister) and Rob's stocking stuffers. Bad idea. Don't shop on Christmas Eve! Celebrated with Rob's dad, step-mom, siblings and kids. Lot's of cool presents. Lot's of happy kids. $10 gift exchange. I got pistachios! Play card game. Win card game. Stay up late but not too late. Didn't help wrap presents (but I'm not bitter!) Go home happy!

Tuesday: Woke up. Opened stockings and presents with Suzy's family. Got ready. Got kids ready. Finished the second-to-last, last-minute gift. Ran out the door. Went to Rob's mom's. Saw real snow on Christmas! Enjoyed first round of presents. Enjoyed lunch. Enjoyed second round of presents. Finally finished the last last-minute gift that was having technical problems. Played Nerts. Enjoyed dessert. Lost Nerts (uncle Doug gave me a run for my money!). Ate too much, felt sick. Went back to Suzy's. Read the kids the Christmas story and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. Figured out how to make sleeping arrangements work so neither of the kids were in bed with us. Slept well!

Wednesday: Up and at em. Went shopping. Bought much anticipated day-after Christmas half price favorite shampoo. Enjoyed time with just Rob, Leeann and Titus. Bought Office Calendar and Anti-Monopoly. Went to Rob's mom's and helped clean the other craft room (I find sick twisted pleasure out of cleaning other people's houses... just not my own!). Left the kid's there... along with 8 others... GRANDKID SLEEPOVER! Went on a date with Chuck and Shelly (did I mention there were NO KIDS?) Ate at Zoopas. Didn't have to feed anyone but myself! Saw National Treasure 2 after minor mix up (threaded the wrong movie... switched theaters. Switched back. Watched 2nd sent of previews, finally started movie 45 minutes after initial show time)! Went to see Chuck's office. Landed at Denny's because like a bunch of high-schoolers we didn't want the night to end! Drove back to Suzy's. Played Anti-Monopoly with Rob for 20 minutes, just to get the hang of it. Finally crashed at 1:00.

Thurday: Got up early to get the kids by 11. Ate yummy french toast :0) Okay, we were there at 11:15. Ate lunch at Shelly's. Played Anti-Monopoly with Rob, Shelly and KayLee for 4.5 hours. Won Anti-Monopoly :0) Ate pizza. Enjoyed time with the Barrios clan. Went back to Suzy's.

Friday: Packed up. Ate more french toast. Headed South. Stopped in St. Helens to pick up the gifts we'd left. Ate lunch and stopped at Wal-mart. Rob decided he had to use the restroom as we were getting into the van at Wal-mart so we stopped at the Starbucks across the street. You can't just use the restroom without patronizing right? Came home. 47 degrees. INSIDE. Unloaded the van. Set up cool Lightning McQueen tent. Unboxed ridiculously over-packaged toys. Rearranged kids' playroom and purged toys to make room for new toys. Cleaned out both kid's closets in an attempt to de-clutter and get organized. Put kids to sleep in new tent and sleeping bag, listening to new CD, worn out from playing with all sorts of cool new toys! Took a bath to unthaw (it was still only 65 degrees after a couple of hours). Read the first chapter of a book on getting organized. Spent way too long blogging what was supposed to be Christmas in a nutshell. Hmmm. Good thing I only do that every once in a while huh :0)?

Thursday, December 20, 2007


This is a picture of Titus with his new IKEA train set on his birthday!

I just wanted to let those of you who are watching from afar know that Titus's vocabulary is indeed increasing. He can repeat most words and he's even starting to use several of them on his own without being prompted (which is what we're looking for). His favorite is "Mommy, choo-choo!" whenever we go by the train station.

Get down, up, bath, hello, daddy, Leeann, binki, movie, night-night, and words for Thomas the Train and Tow Mater that can't even be spelled with the English language the way he says it! He hasn't used any hard C or K sounds, and he doesn't use any S's either. Those sounds might be holding him back a little.

He can also pray now, "Thank you Jesus, Amen" he says proudly. It's SOO cute!

Well, I've got so much to do today (see I'm blogging to avoid responsibility!), so I best be on my way. Just thought I'd give you a quick update!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Being a good parent by being a good spouse...

Now, here's something I believe strongly in... in order to be your best as a parent you you first have to be growing in your marriage. What do you do on purpose to show your kids how important your marriage is to you?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Has it really been 6 years?

Rob and I celebrated our 6th anniversary yesterday. 6 years! Wow, it seems like it was just a year or two ago that we tied the knot. We've both agreed that it's been a good 6 years. I'm continuously amazed at how good marriage has been. You watch t.v. shows growing up where there is a nagging wife, a lazy husband an intrusive in-laws and bad neighbors. The kid's level of respect generally is on par with the respect coming from a gnat and life is more-or-less miserable. Okay, so really, what were my parents thinking letting me watch so much Married with Children?

Anyway, I'm grateful that our 6 years have been filled with trials and difficulties as we learn to coincide with one another despite our different upbringings, habits, preferences etc., and also with so much joy and excitement as we learn, laugh and love together.

In 6 years, we've had the joy of bringing two kids into our family, we've lived in 2 different cities in 4 different houses. We've both gotten our Bachelor's degrees, we've driven 5 different cars, been to Disneyland twice and all the while we've had tons of fun! I'm loving life and on most days I'm loving marriage too :0) I tell Rob that I always love him and on most days I even like him too!

Really, I think Rob and I are perfect for each other. It's amazing how well we see eye-to-eye on so many things, and how committed we both are to the important things in life. I'd say, we're the perfect fit! Yay for 6 wonderful years of marriage!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Good Manners

I think most people would say that they want to raise well-mannered children. What do you do on purpose to help make sure your kiddos have (and keep) their manners. Also, what do you think it looks like in this day and age to have good manners? I, of course, am most interested in advice for 2 year-olds and 4 year-olds but I'll take advice for any age as my children will eventually grow up despite my protests that they stay this age forever!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Practical Parenting

I remember the days of 'cooking' with my best friend Angie in early elementary school. We would take all sorts of ingredients from our cupboards and mix them all together and taste them to see if we liked our creation. Every once in a blue-moon we'd make something we could at least choke down, but more often than not the dog wouldn't even go anywhere near our delicious food! (Come on, why not eat pickle-juice, flour, cumin, pepper and eggs? It looked good to us!)

Anyway, now that I'm older and so much wiser I understand how certain things work together to make food that is actually edible. When in doubt, there's this thing I like to call a recipe! Brilliant, I know... why didn't we think of that when we were 6?

My point? A gourmet meal rarely happens on accident, without a plan, the proper utensils and ingredients. It struck me today that good parenting doesn't usually happen on accident either. Funny, isn't it that we can be so meticulous about researching a car before we buy it, and painstakingly put care and attention into maintaining it properly--but more often than not we haphazardly raise our children and hope everything turns out okay?

We research homes and neighborhoods, schools and car seats. We put lots of attention into the perfect vacation and the precise coffee drinks. But, we trust that everything will just work together when it comes to our kids. Hmmm...

I'm theorizing that kid's rarely grow to their full potential without purposeful parenting (maybe you disagree and that's okay... but this is how I feel and well, this is my blog... :0). If this theory is true than doesn't it make sense that we should do things on purpose to grow them the way we believe they ought to be (good citizens, God fearing, honest, intelligent, hard-working etc.) We probably all differ on what we feel is most important for our kids, or what hills are worth dying on. But, whatever those things are it seems like we should parenting with a plan in place and a goal in mind.

SO, HERE'S THE DEAL. I'm going to post some questions over the next couple of days (assuming I get some response from my readers). To see what you think should/could/ought to be done to raise certain types of kids. You can disagree with my premise (say, that we should raise our kid's to be obedient), but make sure you give reasons as to why. I'm looking for some real life people to answer some of my questions about parenting. You may not be a parent yet, or children may have children, but I'd like to hear from anyone who's willing to comment!

Click on the comment button at the bottom of any post to pull up the comment screen and follow the directions. You're comment won't appear right away as I've had to put my comments on moderated status to filter some unwanted comments!

So, practical parenting question #1: Do you think it's important to filter what our kid's watch or listen to? If so, what filters do you put in place and how do you enforce them?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Talk about unfair...

I was checking my blog rounds today and anyone who's been reading my blog for very long knows that theirs a cancer kiddo named Rebekah who's stolen my heart. I met her on Leeann's adoption day because her daddy was our adoption lawyer. We were lucky enough to meet Rebekah when she was well enough to come see her daddy work for the day.

Anyway, she's a cancer SURVIVOR with a tough road ahead... but she's one tough cookie and so is her family. I strongly encourage you to spend some time getting to know her through her blog!

Anyway, I read on her blog today that on her 6th birthday (Saturday) their house burned and has significant fire damage. Yikes, I can't imagine the toll this is taking on their family. I get worn out reading about their trials and tribulations, though I'm always inspired by their positive words and encouragements (like hold your kiddos just a little bit tighter tonight, you never know what tomorrow will bring!).

Anyway, I know that I don't have a huge blog following per se, but I imagine many of you have been following her story through my blog. I would like to encourage you to 'adopt a family' this Christmas. I know this family has medical bills galore and they've received more than the lions share of heart-ache over these last couple of years. Let's be a blessing to them this Christmas!

You can donate via pay pal either to Rebekah's trust or to their family (they can't use her trust for general family expenses) by going to paypal AT attorney adams DOT com - of course deleting the spaces and using the characters instead of the capitals.

You can watch a touching video at or of course, visiter her blog at Please consider making a donation (however big or small) as I know everything helps.

You're prayers are also greatly appreciated. Rebekah had scans last week (to see if she's still cancer free) and they are waiting to get the results this week. Please lift this beautiful little girl up in prayer that she would be cancer free now and forever!

To make it easy to give, I've copied this from

Contributions can be made by clicking on the PayPal button above, on the front page or HERE. PayPal will allow you to make a contribution using your paypal account OR your credit card if you do not have nor want to have a PayPal account. No signup is necessary - just click and donate!

Contributions can also be made by going into any US Bank and asking to make a deposit to the “Rebekah C. Adams Irrev Trust.” Please be aware that some have reported problems with their local bank finding the account. Please make sure you copy down the name just as shown above.

You may also mail a check made payable to the trust to Scott and Frances or directly to the Trustee: Scott and Frances, Post Office Box 111, Banks, Oregon 97106 or Trustee Molly Mickley, 3305 SE Grant Street, Portland, Oregon 97214.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Look Out World... I'm 2!

My itty bitty baby turned 2 on Sunday! We celebrated by going out to Cold Stone for some ice cream after church and McDonald's, then we came home and attempted to put Leeann and Titus down for a nap. Somehow, a whole lot of ice cream made that difficult. After a while we finally let them out of their room to help us set up the Christmas tree since it was obvious sleep wasn't in their future. We had a great day, though it didn't turn out as originally planned. We were planning and doing a baby dedication and a birthday party for him, but with the storms, rain and snow over the weekend we decided to cancel it since all of our guests (my family) would be travelling a couple of hours in less-than-ideal conditions.

So, my Lightning MacQueen cake pan remains in the cupboard... to be used again another year perhaps? I have more pictures from Sunday, but I'll have to post them later. We're having a small group Christmas party at our house tonight and since I haven't been able to talk my husband into hiring a maid yet... I guess preparing the house my job!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

This is Pathetic

Rob and I were invited to a fundraising masquerade event just before Halloween. After much thought and a little inspiration from our favorite place... we decided to go as Starbucks baristas. I know--it's pathetic! A guy from Starbucks let us borrow his aprons and we dressed in black and khaki! We had a blast and got quite a few laughs about our attire.

Fun in a Fort

This is another set of pictures I've been meaning to post. We took every blanket out of our linen cupboard and built a fort in the living room utilizing all of our couches and chairs and even the dining room table. It was lots of fun... for both us and the kids!

A Little Late...

Here are some pictures from the Pumpkin Patch mid-October. We went with Leeann's preschool and for some reason I even remember writing a post about this... but it's not on my blog so it must have just been in my head? Anyway, I just wanted to post these pictures since they're cute and since this is kind of my 'parenting journal' ... and so you my faithful readers don't miss out on our family fun!