Saturday, September 22, 2012

Let the games begin!

There are plenty of days that I miss the fact that my children are no longer babies. 

Today is not one of those days, however!

We pulled out Settlers of Catan, our favorite board game!

 It requires at least three players to play, so we don't get to play it very often. And, it takes around 2 hours, so it's not really one that you can just pull out and play quickly with a few friends. Before we had kids we played it a lot, but it's mostly been sitting in the closet over the last several years. 

We had some time and wanted to do something special with Titus since Leeann was out on a special date of her own (pedicures and shopping with grandmas!). We decided to teach Titus how to play it. He has a strategic mind like his daddy and a competitive streak like his mommy. 

That's a very good combination for playing board games! 

This is a fairly complicated game. In fact, the box says 12+. However, Titus can play Chess and Stratego rather well, so we thought he might be able to catch on to this game over time. 

It didn't take much time at all! He quickly wrapped his mind around a lot of complicated pieces of this multi-faceted game. Mommy and daddy didn't help him win, but we did go easier on him than we normally would if he knew how to play. We always try to be nice to first-timers!

Lo and behold, he pulled out the win by amassing the largest army, hiding a victory point and stealing the longest road from Rob at the end! I'm such a proud mommy!

As wonderful as babyhood is, there's definitely a lot to enjoy about having school-aged kids.

I am so excited to have another Settler's player in our house now! Unfortunately, I think this little boy might give me a run for my money... I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet!