Tuesday, October 28, 2008

15 Minutes Until Committee!

Okay, seriously, I'm giddy, nervous, excited, scared, freaked out, hopeful, hope-filled... etc., etc., etc.

Within the next hour I shall (likely) know one way or the other. We've been praying for this young lady and her placement for months. We've been preparing our home and our hearts too. We've been thinking, praying, reading, talking to people, listening to advice, gathering information and driving ourselves crazy with hypothetical "What if's?".

Well, today's the day. I will know today how to proceed with my day, my week, my month and the rest of the year. Will it be spent in preparation and transition, with our home projects put into hyper-drive? Will we try to get our houses on the market super soon, or do we have more time to plan and take things slow?

Okay, I'm simply driving myself crazy and there's no reason to do that. God already has a plan and already has the details worked out. So, again, we wait. I'm going to try to busy myself getting ready for my day and by the time my hair is dry and my make-up is on and the kids are fed and dressed I will know if we are to be a family of five. Stay tuned!

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