Monday, December 02, 2013

Titus Turns 8!

Today my precious little boy turned eight. As in, only ten short years from being an adult! Be still my little heart... how can my son be eight already? I swear I remember all of the details of his very first "Birth Day" as if it was just yesterday! 

(p.s. My adorable nieces are about to turn 15!)

I brought his Birthday lunch request (McDonald's) to school and ate with him today. Then we played foursquare until he ever so politely asked me if he could go play with Andy instead. It's okay, I will try to focus on the fact that he invited me out to the playground and asked me to play with him for a little while instead of focusing on the fact that he ditched me! 

Then for dinner he requested macaroni and cheese, egg-n-a-hole, oranges and rootbeer floats. I thought it was a really strange combination, but I obliged him none-the-less!

He opened up his gift from us, which was a camera. My budding little photographer/videographer will undoubtedly get some good use out of his new "toy". He's already been busy taking pictures tonight. Here are a few of them! 


Now we just have to figure out what setting it's on that is causing the vignetting. I'm sure he'll figure out how to use it to it's fullest extent in no time. This kid has one of those minds that just turns and whirls and works all day every day. If I do say so myself, he's a rather exceptionally bright kiddo! First he will conquer his camera... then he'll conquer the world! Too much? What can I say... he's my BABY!

And finally, here's an interview with Titus. I so wish I had done these earlier/more often. It's so fun to compare his answers today with his answers 2 years ago! Happy Birthday Titus!

Titus's Birthday Interview

What is your favorite toy?
(6) Starwars and Legos.
(8) Legos

What is your favorite food?
(6) Macaroni and Cheese.
(8) Macaroni and Cheese

What is your favorite book?
(6) Starwars books.
(8) Calvin and Hobbs

What is your favorite place to eat?
(6) The place where we eat peanuts and drop them on the floor. The warehouse? I don’t remember what it’s called… (Roadhouse Grill).
(8) Grammy’s!

Who are your best friends?
(6) Logan, Weston, Josh and Bruce.
(8) Andy, Sam, Mark, Hunter and Eli

What do you want to be when you grow up?
(6) Lots of things. Police officer, fire fighter, a cowboy, a worker, a builder, a racecar driver, and that’s it.
(8) A Lego Set Designer

What is something you are good at doing?
(6) Going through tiny holes. Playing Lego Starwars. Playing the Wii. And that’s it.
(8) Playing the Wii. Taking pictures. Making noise. Being funny.

What’s your favorite movie?
(6) Starwars.
(8) Starwars

What is your favorite treat?
(6) Cookies!
(8) Grammy’s desserts.

What is your favorite subject in school?
(6) Mostly English and Spanish.
(8) Library, P.E., Technology

What is your favorite thing to do?
(6) My favorite thing to do is playing with Legos and my Lego sets.
(8) Read and play

Where’s your most favorite place to be?
(6) At Josh’s house or Logan and Weston’s house and Disneyland and Legoland.
(8) In my room

What’s your favorite holiday? 
(6) Christmas
(8) Christmas

What do you like most about yourself?
(6) I have no idea.
(8) That I’m funny

What is your favorite game to play?
(6) Sorry
(8) Lego games and Wii games

Do you think you’ll ever get married?
(6) Yup, of course.
(8) Yes

How many kids do you want to have?
(6) Ten! Actually, 20. Well, I think 30. I think 40. 20 girls and 20 boys!
(8) However many I get

Tell me about your family.
(6) Daddy’s the funny one. And he likes to wrestle. Leeann’s sometimes freaked out by people and she’s also funny. And mommy likes to do the computer a lot. She does the phone a lot too.
(8) My family are my mom, my dad, Jade and Leeann. Leeann is pretty dramatic. Jade laughs a lot. Mom cooks and Daddy makes funny jokes.

What are you looking forward to about your Birthday party?
(6) Getting lots of Starwars stuff. McDonalds, friends and that’s it.

(8) Having all the guests I want there

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Another First Day of School and a New Addition!


Along with zillion’s of parents everywhere, I sent my precious kiddos off to school today. Grades 2 and 4. I still so quickly and easily think of them as being 2 and 4. These days go by so quickly!


Titus is proudly sporting a huge gap in his smile where his two front teeth used to be. He is as silly, active, witty and fun-loving as ever. I love being this little guys mommy!


And this one. My teeny, tiny, itty bitty little girl. Who, apparently, is hardly a little girl anymore. She now boasts a bigger shoe size then her mommy and is growing into an exceptionally stunning young lady.


These two. I simply cannot get enough of these faces! Sometimes I take a step back and ponder how blessed it is to be a mother. What an awesome, incredible job I’ve been blessed with!


And finally, the blessing of being a parent can come in various forms. Let me introduce you to our newest addition, Jade. She is 16 and has been living with us for nearly a month now. We first met her when she was 14 and we were excited to get a chance to interact with her again a few months back.

Jade needs a place stay until she’s ready to graduate and get out on her own. We’re very excited to welcome her into our family. The kids have especially enjoyed having a “big sister” around lately!

Which means tomorrow I’m also sending a kiddo off to high school. That’s just crazy! A good kind of crazy of course!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Baking With My Buddy

Titus and I spent some time baking together today. There's nothing super exciting, or even blog-worthy about this moment necessarily, except for the fact that I really enjoy baking with my kids at this stage in life.

He did manage to crack an egg onto the floor. I wish I would have snagged a picture of that too!

I feel like I've been so far behind in blogging our family memories that I just haven't blogged much of anything at all. When I look back at the stories I used to blog about when they were little I smile at all the things I would have otherwise forgotten if I hadn't written them down.

I especially love when I come across posts about the little everyday things. Like this. Just me and my buddy making a disaster out of my kitchen baking one of Rob's most favorite treats, The Pioneer Woman's French Breakfast Puffs.

Who knows, maybe I'll start blogging more of these random everyday moments before this stage of life is also just a memory!