Thursday, June 29, 2006

What a Concept!

Yesterday my friend Sara Jane came down to visit. I was lamenting about needing some new clothes. It seems like every time I go to get dressed in the mornings I'm completely frustrated. Everything in my closet either doesn't fit, is out of season or just isn't something I like to wear, or something that I don't feel comfortable in.

I thought about blowing some money on some new clothes, but we operate on the allowance system so the only thing I could buy is a shirt or maybe a pair of pants. That doesn't seem to satisfy because I want LOT'S of new clothes. And I want them NOW.

SIDE NOTE: This is the beauty of the allowance system, it doesn't allow me to 'react' by going on shopping sprees. Rob and I both get $30 every two weeks and with it we buy our clothes, we pay for our own eating out (it helps us to be more practical when we eat out--we skimp on expensive foods and sodas when we know it's going to effect our allowance total). We also buy any extras that we want. I admit, a lot of my allowance goes to blended mochas at Steamers! So, if I want to do crafty things, or go out with friends I also have to use my allowance. It works out rather well for us! Leeann and Titus share their $60 a month at this stage. Any new clothes they need, or other non-grocery store baby stuff comes out of it. We also use this to pay for babysitting.

Anyway, I found the solution to not having any clothes I like to wear. It was cheap and simple even...

Drum Roll Please...


Yup folks, I did laundry. Lot's of laundry. I was up to my ears in laundry today and I will continue to be for the rest of the evening I'm sure. After our busy three weeks there was lot's and lot's and lot's of laundry to do. It seems like I've only been doing "Survival loads" for the last couple of weeks. I.E. someone needs underclothes or Titus needs some clean blankies.

So I emptied out every hamper and laundry basket it our house and gathered up any random pile that I could find. I even stripped the bed. I sorted, I separated and then I got to work. All told, I think I counted 9 loads of laundry! That means 2 things. 1.) We have too many clothes between the four of us. 2.) I REALLY needed to do laundry! Okay, 3 things. I've got a lot of folding ahead of me tonight!

Moral of the story? I do have clothes that fit, that I even like to wear. I just hadn't seen them in a while as they were in the pit of despair at the bottom of my hamper. The only thing left in my closet was things I hadn't worn in the last month because I don't like them.

And with that, I should really go switch loads!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Do me a favor--Define Romance. Not in Webster's terms, but in your own terms.

What is romance and why is it that you suppose women desire it so much? I consider myself a rather simple girl. I'm not very high-maintenance and really ask very little of my husband (I really don't have to ask very much of him, because he does most of what I need/want without being asked :0).

Why is it that I can't get past the idea of needing to be romanced despite a wonderful husband and a wonderful marriage? I don't even know what romance is (by definition anyway). Is it because this is what women are supposed to want or is there an innate need of some sort? Did Disney put this desire in me?

Honestly, I'm struggling a bit with this question. Are there any answers out there for me?

Just a minute to blog...

I just have a minute to blog here because my friend Ruth (one of my old college roomies) is coming over and she should be here any time. I'm so excited, I love it when she comes to visit!

Rob and I have been going full speed for almost 3 weeks straight, and yesterday we finally got some time to slow down. We celebrated Father's Day (we were too busy to do it last week) and had lunch in Salem. We also got to see the movie Cars and to visit 'the barn'--the place that Rob lived while attending Western Baptist College. It brought back some great memories! Life seemed to move at a much slower pace back then. It's been 4 years since we've lived there, and now we have 2 kids. My, how time flies!

Last week was Vacation Bible School. I'm in charge of the kids version and Rob does Extreme Vacation for the middle schoolers. It was a super week! About 100 kids came to the younger version and 10 kids made public decisions to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. What a blessing! It was a long couple of weeks finishing up the last minute details, and a long week while it was happening, but all worth it when you see lives changed for eternity!

As soon as we wrapped things up with VBS, we had Joel and Brenna and their daughter Sarah down. Joel is candidating to be the new youth pastor at our church. We like them a lot. So, much of our weekend was spent hanging out with and interviewing them. Hence the fact that we're just now getting to slow down! Why are we hiring a new youth pastor you ask? (Since my husband is the current youth pastor!) Well, Rob is moving up to an associate position beginning late summer or early fall. He will transition into more 'big church' responsibilities, helping Denny with his ever-growing work load, and helping our church transition from a little church to a big church (we've been steadily growing in numbers over the last several years).

It'll be hard to step away from the youth but we are both excited about our new responsibilities as well. And so life continues...

Well, I should go now, miss Ruthie should be here any time. Drink lot's of water, it's hot outside!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sweet Feature

I learn something new everyday, this is a cool feature on picasa. I've done this before but I didn't realize I could post it to my blog!
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Happy Summer Solstice!

At some point this year Rob and I were talking about the need to create some Buhl family traditions. Rob suggested that we eat ice cream and strawberries on every summer solstice! So, Leeann called Rob this morning as soon as she woke up and she told him "Happy Summer Solstice Daddy!"

Rob returned home from work with some strawberries and after a much needed nap for all of us, we ate strawberries and ice cream (okay, we did have a little bit of real food first!). Rob gave each of us a huge bowl of ice cream--much bigger than normal! So we sat, we ate, we laughed--then we each got another big bowl! It was such a treat. We all felt a little sick afterward! Oh, I love summer! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Kids just wanna have fun!

My kids are difficult!

After many attempts at a good shot at the two of them, this is the best we could do! Leeann is incredibly difficult to get good pictures of, especially with Titus. She seems to think that once she's in the studio she can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. She was not at all interested in playing with Titus. This picture was only acheived through strategic use of gold fish crackers!

The face that makes 5 a.m feedings worth while!

Baseball anyone?

This is what my kids thought of tonight's photo shoot

A picture is worth a thousand words isn't it?

Allie's Blog

Allie is one of my high school girls whom I love and adore. She and her family of six have embarked on 6 week trip across the U.S.A. To read about this crazy adventure check out her site at

In fact, if you head on over there you should leave a message and let her know you are reading her blog. It's always kind of fun to know that people are actually reading this stuff. It'd be really funny if she has no clue who you are, but you could tell her I sent you :0)

Thursday, June 15, 2006


I've spent a large portion of the day paying bills, setting up automatic payments and doing things, like learning how to set up my voice mail (those of you who have been unable to leave us a message for several months might appreciate that!)

The problem? I've spent the day talking to computers who are frustrating, and it's taken me three and four times as long to do something then it would if I just talked to a human! Talking to a human, what a concept!

Arggg #2 and question of the day. If you end up on the phone with a customer service representative that you can't understand, what course of action should you take?

1.) Grin and bear it and try your best not to flip out?
2.) Hang up and try again, hoping for better luck next time? (mind you this means filtering through the computer mumbo-jumbo til y ou actually reach a person?
3.) Or, ask to be transferred to somebody else?

Any advice?

Lazy Day

Rob and I have spent the day at home with our kids cleaning house, paying bills and doing a whole-lot-of-nothing! I love days like this!

We both have super-busy weeks next week, I'd venture to say our busiest week of the year as far as ministry is concerned. This of course, means that the weeks leading up to it are also quite crazy. Crazy, crazy, crazy, that's my life right now!

But, in spite of the craziness, I'm still loving life. I keep thinking things will slow down soon, but they never do!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Yup, my baby's still short!

He weighs 14 lbs. 6 oz. 5%
He's 24 3/4 inches 5%

Babies are supposed to double their birthweight by 4 months, well Titus finally did at 6 1/2! The doctor I saw today was not his normal doctor, she encouraged me to study his personality as he grows to find out what he's good at and to help him be confident in those th ings and help him to acheive his potential so he doesn't get a complex about being short. It almost gave me a complex, the poor guy is only 6 months old!

He had to get some shots and a minor adjustment to his circumcision, so he was pretty darn fussy today! I can't blame the guy. He's a trooper though, and still a great kid!

I was going to blog some pictures tonight, but Rob is doing some filming form Extreme Vacation next week and he has the camera with him in the car, so you can blame it on him!

I got my desk cleaned off though, and that doesn't happen very often! It looks nice, I should keep it this way. It helps me feel like my life isn't so chaotic since I spend a lot of time here!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Just a few posts...

I haven't posted in a while, so below are a few updates. I'll post more about Kyndall's graduation and Dan's graduations once I get my pictures downloaded onto my computer. For now, I've spent too much time blogging (see below!) I think I'm gonna take my kiddies on a walk and unwind from a busy week as we head into an even busier week! Happy reading...

My son looks like my father!

Titus has looked an awful lot like my dad from day 1, but these last couple of days I have been freaked out by the resemblence. I keep looking over and seeing my dad, only shorter and with a little more hair and no teeth! I'll have to see if I can get ahold of a baby picture of him, I bet they'd be difficult to tell apart, other than the obvious aging of the pictures!

Speghetti for 200--I mean 75?

So, after slaving over pots of boiling water for hours on end last night, and hours worth of additional preperation this morning, we had speghetti, salad, rolls and brownies to serve 200 people. Let me tell you, that's a lot of stinkin speghetti!

The problem, ah, maybe 50-75 people showed up! Rob and I were flabberghasted because most of our after church lunches run at least 150. So we dutifully planned for some extras to ensure that we wouldn't run out, as you can't just whip up more speghetti from the middle of nowhere!

A few people trickled in and at 12:20 I asked why the service was running so late. He said it wasn't running late, most everyone had simply left. So I starred at my 6 huge pans of speghetti and all the fixings and almost cried! He looked like he was about to cry too, it's hard to put so much work into something to see it fall apart!

It all worked out in the end though as many of the families who were there ended up taking home lots of speghetti and fixings and donated some money for it to cover the cost of the food. We did end up covering the cost, and a little extra which was nice, but we were hoping for quite a bit more. There was an extra pan of speghetti which I think is being used this evening at youth group for some fun games, like fish stuff out of the speghetti with your feet!

Each of the kids who were there ended up going for $50-$100 which will certainly help them with their endevours to the summer youth events. So really, it did end up working out well, it was just stressful gettting to that point. Next time we'll just order pizza!

Rolling, rolling, rolling

As I typed my last post, I had Titus on the floor next to me. He's figured out that he can get to where he wants to go by rolling around, and rolling again, and again, and again in the direction he wants to go. I love watching him grow and learn new things everyday!

A loooooong night!

Rob and I pulled back into town from Washington in enough time to get to the church by 6:00 just as we had planned. Rob had 'planned' a speghetti feed/slave auction to help some of the youth raise money for summer trips. *I say 'planned' because he came up with the idea without considering how to actually cook speghetti for up to 200 people, it's actually quite difficult!*

At any rate, after talking to some people who know more than I do we determined that it's best to cook it all up the day before and bake it the morning of. I figured it would take a couple of hours, so if we got to the church at 6:00 we'd be home and done by 9:00ish. Well, when we got to the church we found out that the kitchen was being used by a home school group until 9:00. Uh-oh. I honestly wanted to no one in-particular. A million thoughts ran through my head, namely, "How are we going to pull this off." We don't have the capacity to refridgerate 20 lbs of noodles in our fridge at home, so we decided that we would have to come back at 9:00. We simply didn't have another choice.

So, we packed up our kids and brought a movie for them to watch while Rob and I proceeded to cook a ridiculous amount of speghetti. 20 lbs of noodles, 7 huge cans of sauce and 15 lbs of hamburger later Rob and I found ourselves cleaning up the kitchen at the church at 12:30 this morning.

The problem? About this time Leeann tired with exhaustion (she refused to fall asleep in her make-shift bed in the corner of the kitchen) started running full speed around the islands in the kitchen. Mind you, it was 12:45 in the morning! Every half hour or so she would burst into tears. We just tried to keep her calm, spend a few minutes snuggling with her, and put her back to 'bed'. She survived and so did we, though I don't recommend anyone keeping their 2 year old up so late at night! (Duh, smarty pants!)

Needless to say, it was incredibly difficult for all of us to get out of bed this morning and Leeann spent the morning rather cranky. She's better now that she's had a nap though!

Cause I hungry

We spent a couple of days up in Washington to celebrate Rob's brother's graduation and to see his family. Well, on Thursday we were at Shelly's (Rob's sister) house and my neice Amanda came into the room crying. Through her tears she slowly sobbed "Leeann bit me!"

Leeann what? Rob and I looked at each other and Rob dutifully went to speak with Leeann. He took her aside and asked her if she bit Amanda and she said yes. "Why did you bite Amanda, Leeann?" asked Rob.

"Cause I hungry!"

Isn't that funny? She said she bit Amanda because she was hungry! Before you think we starve her, she had just finished 3 large bowls of speghetti, so I assure you, it wasn't because she was hungry! The things little ones say...

Monday, June 05, 2006

An emotional wreck!

My dear, sweet, perfect daughter has been a complete emotional wreck lately! She has had major melt-down after major melt-down over the last several days, leaving Rob and I questioning what's going on in her little world.

Too much sugar? Could be. We've had two birthday parties in the last two days...

Too many people? Probably. See above...

Too little sleep? Always an option...

Expanding thought process with limited vocabulary frustrating her? Yup...

Becoming independant? Unforunately...

Almost 3? Sure enough...

Anything changed? Not really... hmmm... Our lives aren't that different now then they were last week or even last month, so why the sudden constant mello-drama? Good question!

The good news is that she's been more of her sweet usual self today, so hopefully it was just a short stage? Maybe. Please tell me that's the case! Rob and I were scrutinizing our parenting, her schedule, her personality, her surroundings trying to grasp at anything we might be able to 'fix'. Something tells me it's not that easy just to 'fix' though. Bummer! It's only just the beginning!

Friday, June 02, 2006

6 months ago today...

6 months ago today the last of the visitors for the evening had left the hospital and Rob and I were left to care for the little boy just a few hours old. I still don't know why the people at the hospital trusted us with his care. What were they thinking? I fell asleep with Titus in my arms that night and it was one of the most special moments in the whole world!

He's been a big smiley-cooey-happy man ever since. I'd say he's grown tons, but I don't even know if he's doubled his birthweight yet. I honestly don't think he's grown much at all! But, that's beside the point. He is so sweet, and so special, and such a good little guy. I call him my little man, because he really does look like just a little man. He's gonna be a mama's boy, you can quote me on that one. Okay, at least I'm hoping he's going to be a mama's boy since Leeann's a daddy's girl.

It's been a great 6 months, but I know the next 6 months will be rough as he starts crawling and even walking and saying some words too. He's gonna be difficult to chase after for a while, but I look forward to when he's a little over a year because then we are no longer on uncharted territory. Leeann was 16 months old when she came to us, we'll be set once we get there!

6 years ago today...

6 years ago today I was on top of the world--the biggest day of my life! All of the years I spent in school were culminating in this, my graduation day!

Well, 6 years have come and gone and things have changed significantly. A college degree, a wedding, 2 children, 2 home purchases, and 2 car purchases later, I realize graduating from high school was--still a good day--but not all that I had made it out to be.

Funny how much can change in a few short years. I moved away from St. Helens that fall and I never moved back. Rob pointed out that I've lived a 1/4 of my life away from my home town now. That's wierd to think about!

High school days were good, and I have many fond memories. I only keep in touch with a few people from high school though, so for 4 years of constant trauma hardly seems worth the pain! It is worth the pain though, the few friends I still have were worth it! The one I keep in touch with most is my best friend Angie though, and we've been friends since kindergarten. We actually didn't hang out much during high school ironically, but I'm confident that we will remain friends til the grave--it's just that kind of friendship!

Suddenly being class president all 4 years doesn't seem that important, nor does losing the ASB presidental election (to the class clown, despite my 3 previous years of being class president). I thought I was hot-stuff for one, and a loser for the other. Now I realize neither are the big deal I made them out to be. The boyfriends that I had (far too many in my estimation) I found out were not the perfect people I thought they were, and certainly not worth the thousands of hours (and probably that many dollars) that I spent thinking about them and spending time with them. All of that to regret most of them and never speak to most of them again. Ironic eh?

Sorry to drag you on another trip down memory lane... I really didn't know where this post would head, but I'll leave it at what is here now. High school, those were the days...

Pictures with the cousins!

Aunt Suzy (Rob's younger sister) and her two boys, Weston and Logan came to visit last week. Here are a few pictures that I took of them. They were having fun crawling up the end of our log-framed bed then sliding down and doing it again. It can keep Leeann busy for hours and I think she had fun having some company!

The one of Titus is him sitting up in his bouncy. I went to lay him down and he just sat straight up like he's been doing it all of his life! It was cute, and I'm a mom, so I took pictures!