Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I want breakfast!

I'm not really sure how this morning's events transpired, but I do distinctly remember what I (usually) think of as the cutest little guy in the world who can never do anything annoying because he's so darn cute... climbing into my bed pulling on my eye-lids, tugging on my fingers with all of his might, tugging the covers off of every inch of my body repeatedly proclaiming, "I want breakfast!"

"Mommy, get out of bed, I want breakfast!"

"Can I have Life mommy?"

"I like Life."

"Can I have breakfast?"


"Mommy, mommy MOMMY, get out of bed, I want breakfast!"

Suddenly I was saddened to realize that the super cute 2 year-old stage won't last forever. Okay, looking back this morning's events were still cute, but they didn't feel cute at the time! It wasn't even 8:00 yet, and I kept trying to assure him that I will get him breakfast after I get out of bed, just like I do every morning. He wasn't taking the bait though. He'd have none of my rationalizing... he just wanted his Life!

What's even worse is about 10 minutes before that Rob tried to yank my covers off of me too in attempts to get me out of bed. I was just about off to la-la land again when Titus came pouncing in! I just wanted to sleep a little bit longer!

Have I ever mentioned that I don't really like to get up in the morning? I could sleep in until 9:30 if my dear sweet children would let me! Oh well, I guess I'll get to sleep in some other time. And, just in case you are wondering, Titus enjoyed his Life cereal very much! Hmm, do you think they'd let me go back to bed?!?!?

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