Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet Finds!

Today the kids and I went to a school district warehouse sale and purchased some sweet finds!

Just yesterday as I was cleaning out the kids' stuff getting ready for a garage sale this weekend, I told Rob that I'd like a desk for Leeann's room. In fact, when we were in Washington last week I was scoping out inexpensive desks at IKEA, but even then I was looking at $50+.

So today when we walked into the warehouse sale I headed straight to the pile of school desks that were stacked on a corner of the lawn.

$1. No joke. A buck! Some desks were more worn than others but these ones are actually in great condition.

Leeann paid for hers with Birthday money and Titus paid for his with a dollar that he was rewarded with when he woke up on his own in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom two nights ago.

They already took pride in the desks because they paid for them with their own money, so now they're washing them up "til they sparkle".

I also got a box of books, including a dictionary, which we're in need of. Fill a box for $5. Yes please! We got some advanced readers, an Atlas, some geography and history books and even an Amelia Bedelia and a Judy Moody book!

I'd say that was an hour well worth my time! They do this every two weeks, on Thursdays from 12-2 here in Albany. We'll go back and see if we can score some $1 chairs to go with our new desks.

In the meantime they will be perfect for Leeann's Italian Soda stand which she will set up at our garage sale. $1.50 will get you an Italian Soda of your choosing from the world's cutest little barista! Stop by Saturday 9-3 if you'd like one! Oh, and feel free to take home some of our junk very useful things... we have plenty to share!