Wednesday, October 29, 2008


That's how I feel today. Blah!

I didn't peel my eyes open until 9:30 this morning. Baby gates and Mary Poppins are beautiful inventions!

When we originally set out on the adoption adventure we were hoping to have her home by the time the new school year started.

Every week since the middle of the summer we've run into a snag of some sort. Our background checks were taking longer than expected, our previous adoption agency had to send in our previous home study before our worker could finish our new one. The new one took longer than expected. We had to wait on some background information which took longer than expected. We wanted to talk to specific individuals in this girls life and past prior to moving forward. Each phone call was pushed out longer than we'd expected. I tried to get in touch with her counselor which took two weeks longer than expected. Finally, we were able to officially ask to move forward only to find out there's another family that wants to move forward too, but that their home study wasn't finished. And of course, to finish that study took longer than they'd expected. So finally, finally we get a committee date. A date on the calendar. The date we finally know! Only to have yesterday's events transpire and to be put off another 3 weeks. I'm exhausted!

I've been trying for months to hold my calendar pretty open not knowing when to expect this ball to get rolling. Now I'm trying to keep it open through the holiday season which is especially difficult. And quite possibly... all for nothing?

Nearly all of my mental energy has been wrapped up in this young lady that honestly, we may never meet. I'm in her room right now, on her computer staring at her bed wondering if any of these things will ever be hers. Isn't that just strange?

I usually handle stress pretty well. I can keep my adrenaline going when I know there's an end in sight. I feel like my adrenaline was anticipating being finished pumping through my body and great speeds months ago... but especially as of yesterday. I don't truly know how adrenaline works but I'm pretty sure it all left my body. Hence, the blah feeling!

All of this selfishly feeling blah and today Rob turns 33! Ask me what I have planned... yeah, pretty much nothing. Maybe you could hop over to his blog and flood his blog with Happy Birthday comments?


simplykersh said...

Hang in there, we are praying for you. You guys are very much an inspiration to us to move more quickly into adopting.

milly karolle said...

Wow, Robyn. I am sorry you didn't find out today. Best of luck, and we are praying for you!

Mike and Becka said...

Wow, Robyn! I should have read this before posting a comment on your more recent post. I can't imagine the roller coaster ride you've been on. Mike and I will pray that things start happening faster than expected!