Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October in Pictures

Since I've been quite bad about posting updated pictures lately, you get to see my whole month of October in one post! Lucky you!

This is Titus showing that he's in no danger of growing out of his 12-18 month clothes. I was going to post this with my post regarding his clothes, but hey, better late than never right?
Cheap Labor! They had fun singing while 'mopping' my floor, and kept begging to do more. I didn't stand in their ways!
Titus likes to show that he can touch the ceiling by climbing on the bottom of the rail right up where the stairs meet the first floor ceiling. He gets so proud of himself when he does that!
He's also at the stage where he licks EVERYTHING. It's disgusting. He didn't really start putting things in his mouth and licking things until he turned 2 and now he has to put everything in his mouth. It's a seriously gross habit!
Leeann and Titus shared a pear. He got on bite, she got one bite. This went on and on until the pear was gone. I don't think either of them ever let go of the pear to ensure other one didn't sneak extra bites.
This is the only picture I could sneak off of Titus holding Landon before Landon started screaming. I think it probably had something to do with Titus squeezing his neck too tight?

After dinner the other night the kids made pudding. Weston chose red... his favorite color.
Logan shows off his creation.
2 tbsp. of vanilla pudding, 1/4 cup of milk and food coloring just in case your wondering.
Titus chose blue.
Leeann's showing off her purple. It was fun. Messy, but fun!
Titus wanted me to take a picture of Doc's ear... so here ya go. It does illustrate how much he plays with his Cars cars... they're all dented and scratched and most of them have teeth marks too (see earlier description for the explanation of the teeth marks!)

My friend and college roomie, Ruthi came to visit on Saturday. It was fun to spend the day with her as it'd been 2.5 years since we last saw her. Much too long!
This... this is pee. On my bedroom floor.
Right after Titus spent THIRTY minutes on the toilet trying his very hardest to earn his ice cream cone for going potty in the big boy potty. He's almost 3 and has yet to make one successful deposit of any sort despite a great deal of exposure to the potty seat and bribery with various incentives.
He left my sight for 30 seconds while I went to get a diaper. Arg!
This is Titus giving me his sad face because I made him sit back on the toilet while I cleaned up the mess. His frown quickly turned upside down once I showed him pictures of himself!
Today Leeann offered to make dinner for everyone. She made Rob a grilled peanut butter sandwich (I helped with the grilling) and then she made Titus and herself each a jelly sandwich and made me a bowl of cereal. It was soooo cute and I was so proud of her desire to make us dinner. She pretty much did the whole thing herself except the grilling and the milk. She's such an amazing helper!
Titus waiting patiently for dinner. He got to sit on a stool at the counter tonight and he thought that was pretty stinking cool!


simplykersh said...

Jeff here;
grilled peanut butter? that sounds awesome! was it just peanut butter or did you include honey...I think honey would be super.

It is cool to have found your blog...a cheap immatation of spending time with y'all but nice to keep up with.

simplykersh said...

You have cute kids!

T & K said...

I love the pictures! Especially the lovely 'accident' on the carpet! We're potty training Lilly...oh the adventure!

Travis & Kristin Frank