Monday, June 30, 2008

Leeann's Birthday list ideas according to Leeann: "Um, I want a Christmas crown and a Christmas dress, and uh, a happy Christmas holiday shirt and a Christmas holiday skirt and a Christmas holiday blankey and a Christmas holiday picture and a Christmas holiday Aurora things, and ah, Barbie thingy like my Cinderella and Christmas beautiful lovely holiday beautiful beautiful cup... like we put water in it like something, or a new happy holiday chair for Titus in blue or orange or green cause that's his favorite colors. Also a new holiday picture for Mee Maw for her birthday and I also want a new computer for daddy and a new computer for Weston and Logan cause their other computer is about to run out of batteries, a new special Christmas holiday movie that I can watch with Barbies in it. And a purple new shirt and a new sleeping light that I won't be afraid of the dark, and uh... let me think, and just a lot of toys. And a new Cars movie for Titus cause that one is skipping and a new computer for me and for Titus and a new computer for Aunt Shelly and for Mee Maw, and for Sarah. And a picture of my family. That's all mama!"

Leeann's Birthday list ideas according to Mommy:
Leap Frog Word Factory DVD
Meet the Robinson's DVD
An Aurora Barbie
A Snow White Barbie
An Ariel Barbie
Really... anything princessy!
Candy Land
Hi Ho Cherrio
A bride and/or groom Barbie
A softball mit or bat,
A tennis racket
Twin Time Loving Family doll house accessories (we have the African American family, the little girls room, the horse and the dining room sets.)
Any of the princess movies on DVD
Spending money for our special Disneyland trip (okay, it's still a year and a half away!)

Current Size: 11 Shoe, 6-7 in clothes.

Big Ticket Items:
A T.V. with a DVD player
A Portable DVD player
An American Girl Doll: Samantha
Piano Lessons
Swim Lessons

We took Leeann to the mall on Saturday to escape the heat and let Leeann give us some ideas for her birthday. Based on our trip, the above list is the best I could up with. I just asked her what she remembered from the store that she wants to put on her list but she obviously didn't give me a lot to actually go off of! She's so cute, but sometimes she just rambles on and doesn't make a whole lot of sense!

A Date With My Niece

When I was in Washington a couple weeks ago I got to sneak out on a short date with my niece, KayLee. You'll never guess where we went :0)
She skunked me in a card game called Blink.
It was fun, I think we should do that more often, huh KayLee? She's a great reminder to me to enjoy my kiddos at every stage because they grow up so fast! I can't help but still think of her as a cute little 7 year old.
KayLee is a rather smart and unusually talented young lady. I'm still hopeful she'll land at Corban for college, I'd sure like to see her more often :0)
We get to go back up very soon to see family and meet baby Landon... I'm quite excited!

Yup, it's a Boy!

Baby Landon has safely and happily arrived into this big, big world! Mom and baby are doing well. I'll let Suzy be the first to blog the details... no pressure Suz :0)

Friday, June 27, 2008

We're Having a Baby!

Not me silly... Aunt Suzy! She's in the hospital, Landon's arrival is expected sometime today :0)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cold Stone

The night before the boys left, we decided to celebrate by going to Cold Stone for some ice cream. They used to have 2-for-Tuesday where you buy one Kid's Creation and get a 2nd free... so that's what we were going for. Apparently they no longer have that though, so after we spent enough $ to feed a small nation, each of the kids got to choose their ice cream and 1 topping. It was well worth every penny to see the looks on these kiddos faces when they were served!
Titus's ice cream was huge. Strawberry ice cream with M&M's!
Weston enjoyed chocolate with Oreos.
Leeann had vanilla and... uh, I don't remember!
Logan had a different kind of chocolate than Weston, but had Oreos as well.
Leeann wolfed hers down in record timing, Weston followed shortly and then Logan finished his. Titus was still working on his huge bowl of ice cream and the other kids quickly found out that Titus was willing to share the remainder of his ice cream! Here they are begging as if they didn't all just have way too much ice cream of their own already! Leeann dressed herself for the outing. I'm not sure I need to say anymore than that!

City League Softball

Rob and I are on a City League Softball team with some other people, mostly from our church. It's been a lot of fun! We're enjoying it and the kids are enjoying a weekly chance to get dirty playing with their friends while we play with ours! So far, we're 4 and 1 (though one win is a forfeit for a game we haven't even 'played' yet). We're tied for 1st!
Here's Rob... just after an amazing swing I'm sure!
Us... if you couldn't tell.
Rob and Titus playing 'airplane' after the game. The kiddos got to run out on the field and run around the bases since we were the last game of the night. It was the week Weston and Logan were with us and we didn't get them in bed until 10:30, but it was loads of fun!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Solstice!

Today's the summer solstice so you hereby have my permission to eat all the ice cream you want ALL DAY LONG! We're having a small party here this year, but most of you are going to have to join us via satellite locations because we're figuring we'll already max out our place with just a few other families.

Rob and Leeann are out at Baskin Robbins this morning, after running a few errands (like getting new tires, ouch!) Titus and I are cleaning up our house (we did some more painting last night) to get ready for our party. Ah, and we're listening to Christmas music... why not?

A little Harry Conick Jr. coupled with getting ready for friends and ice cream... what could be better? Oh, it would help if Titus would stop crying because Leeann and daddy left without him. Minor details! Oh, and it would be help if baby Landon would be born, because I'm getting impatient! Maybe he'll be a Summer Solstice baby?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dell Redemtion?

I was contacted via a comment on my blog from the "I hate Dell post" the other day. Apparently, the guy who has contacted me is a Dell Digital Life Liaison... and it appears he searches the web for people who are disgruntled with Dell, trying to make things right. Could it be? I'm still skeptical, but he assures me that he has the authority and ability to fix my problems. I'm not holding my breath, but I'm optimistic. I'll keep you updated as to whether or not the people at Dell redeem themselves.

In other news, no Aunt Suzy hasn't had her baby yet. Her last two came early, Logan even came 5 weeks early... so they were hoping she could wait until June to have baby Landon. As you can imagine, we're all anxious to meet him at this point! We took Weston and Logan back to Washington last week and the kids and I got to stay for a couple of days. It was lots of fun and I hope to get to go back soon to meet Landon. I kept holding out hope that he would come while I was there, but he's just not done cooking yet!

I've got lots of pictures to post, but I've been busy, busy, busy lately so I've once again been neglecting my blog. I'm sure I'll get around to it though. Someday!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ah, what a cutie!

Rob's Grandpa has been scanning in his pictures and sending out a "picture of the day" via email.
This is one of Rob when he was a little boy. If I do say so myself, he was cute! Sometimes I think Titus looks so much like my side of the family, but I see a lot of him in Rob when he was a little boy!

Monday, June 09, 2008

The Boys are Back in Town!

This is the only picture I could take before my camera battery died at the park the other day.

Rob, the kids and I took a day trip to Washington last week and picked up Weston and Logan so they could come play with us and give their soon-t0-pop mommy some time to rest and prepare for baby Landon's arrival. We've had a blast this week and it's been so good to have the boys around again. It's been almost a year since they've moved out and I forgot how much I missed them until they became a part of our daily lives again. The kids are having a BLAST with their cousins here. In some ways it's less work then just having my two because they play so well together and could care less whether or not mommy's playing with them. Of course it's more work in some ways too, but that's okay!

We've had play dates in the park, special dates with just uncle Rob/daddy (Weston got to go to the store and have chocolate milk at Starbucks, Logan got a smoothie date at Cold Stone and Leeann got chocolate milk at Starbucks too... Titus is patiently waiting his turn, and so am I!) We've done hair cuts, McDonald's, church and graduation parties. Card making, park-playing and lots and lots of movie watching! Last night they came with us to our 8:30 softball game and didn't get into bed until 10:20. Shhh, don't tell Aunt Suzy!

We've had lots of fun. I'm not sure when we'll take them back... I keep hoping baby Landon will come and we can kill two birds with one stone! Come on baby Landon, hurry up, I'm getting anxious!
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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Round 2, or 3, or 12?

So, Leeann crawled in bed with me this morning. She was unusually whiny, so I asked her to stay in my bed and try to get all of her whininess out while I changed Titus's diaper and helped him clean up his mess of books before breakfast.

Well, when I came back in she was asleep (which is really unusual). Shortly thereafter I was on the phone with Rob commenting that I think she might be getting sick because she's sleeping and a little pasty looking. If I were smart, I would have had the sense to move her off of my bed since I suspected she was getting sick...

A few minutes later I heard her whining loudly and I just knew she'd thrown up. Sure enough, my bed was covered in yuckiness. It's okay though, my sheets needed washed anyway :0)

So, today we're laying low, watching movies and doing lots and lots of laundry!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

St. Helens

The kids and I went to St. Helens last week for my cousins wife's baby shower while Rob was at Convergence.

I wasn't sure how Titus would do in the middle of a baby shower. Luckily it was at 2:00 and Dr. Seuss did the trick! He spent the duration of the shower in la la land!
Leeann is playing a coupon cutting game. She was having fun being 'one of the girls'!
This is Nancy Jo showing off one of her cool gifts.
Saturday evening we met up at the park with my siblings. This is my step-brother Brent.
This is my older brother Jason, his girlfriend Heidi and her daughter Chelsey.
Uncle Jason and Titus
Me and my little sister Hope.
We share a birthday and the same cheesy grin :0)
Hope and Titus.
My aunt Patty had to bribe my little brother Logan for this picture. He got a couple of bucks and a pack of gum out of the deal. Of course, Hope looks goofy in the one picture that turned out decent of Logan. Such is life!

Tankini+Hot Tub=Trouble

So, I finally took the tags off of my swim suit because Rob and I wanted to go in the hot tub at the Y following a softball game for me and a hard jog for Rob (we were both pathetically sore!).

The problem with a tankini in a hot tub is that the skirt bubbles up and the shirt flies up. I spent my entire hot tubbing time trying to keep my swim suit on! So yeah, that's a problem :0) I'm beginning to regret my decision to take the tags off. Shorts and a rash guard seem much more appealing right now :0)