Thursday, October 09, 2008

Letting you in on the conversation

For about the last 10 minutes Titus has been having a conversation among his cars as is typical for him. He just talks to himself with one car in each hand pretending to take on their personality. I'll let you in on a piece of the latest conversation!

Dark Green Car: "You want to go to Applebees and have some ice cream?"

John Deere Tractor Car: "And mac-roneeee and cheese too?"

DGC: "Yeah, let's go to Applebees."

JDTC: "I going to play with mommy, daddy."
Titus to me: "We're going to Applebees."

Flitters upstairs to grab fireman truck...

"Hey fireman truck, do you have chicken in there?"

Fireman truck: "I have chicken in there. It's yummy."

Me: "What are the cars doing over there Titus?"

Titus: "Uh, eating dinner. Have macandcheese, um, just the cars are eat-ing. They're having chicken!"

"Hey, John Tractor car, I'm going with daddy!"

"I'm going with daddy FIRST. Watch this!" as he races his cars around the living room floor. I wonder who got there first?

Hmmm... it makes me want to have Applebees for dinner. A little asian chicken wrap and a blondie for dessert... hmmm...

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