Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Date Change

Our committee date will now be held on Tuesday, October 28th... less than two weeks from now. I just thought I'd keep you filled in on the details!


Jessi said...

That's fantastic Robyn...maybe you're next update will be telling us that it's actually tomorrow! We're praying for you all!

milly karolle said...

Hey Robyn! You realize that your adopted daughter may be only 11 years your junior? How would that work out for you? I keep thinking of silly questions like, "will she call you mom and dad?" Anyway, I am praying that this all works out for you. Best of luck!

Robyn said...

Milly, ask away! Yes we realize she'll be 11 years younger than me... but it really doesn't seem to be a problem for anyone involved. It's not like we'll ever try to pass off the fact that she's our biological daughter. And, it will be up to her whether or not to call us mom and dad, or if she wants to change her name. of course, we'd love for her to do that but she has the freedom to respond to us as she sees fit!