Monday, October 27, 2008


Today we had a potty party in celebration of Titus' first successful potty in the big boy potty! I cannot tell you how ridiculously excited I was. I know, I'm pretty much a big dork!

Seriously, this was a momentous occasion as we've been talking about it for months and months now. I think I said this earlier, but I've been trying to bribe him with ice cream at McDonald's with Weston and Logan for a couple of months now.

Well today I went to put them in the bath and noticed that Titus' diaper was dry and I hadn't changed him in 3 hours, so I was pretty sure he had to pee. I was determined that today would be the day! I confess, I made him sit on the potty chair until he went which was near an hour. But, we did read books and play cars together and kept a generally upbeat attitude about the whole thing.

When he first sat down Leeann went and got him a candy necklace that she'd gotten at a birthday party the day before. She's great at sharing! I gave them each 4 pieces of it and told him that he could have the rest after he went potty.
Part way through it he started negotiations. "I get candy and ice cream at McDonalds?" "Yup!" "And fench fies tooo?" "Sure, if you go potty you can have candy and french fries, and ice cream. In fact, you can have just about anything you want if you go potty in the big boy potty!"

"I want fench fies mommy."

Anyway, finally he told me, "I'm doing it mommy, I'm doing it!" And sure enough... he did it! Of course, more ended up on the potty seat than in the little toilet bowl thingy, but that's quite all right. As I understand it he'll be perfecting his aim for years right? I squealed, and Eroica got to hear the whole thing first hand since she was on the other end of the phone at the time.

So, Titus called Rob to share the good news and he told Titus he would meet us at McDonald's to celebrate. Suzy and the boys came too and we had ourselves a potty party!
The party clan.
You have to enlarge this one to see the terrific mess he made!

A seriously cute kid!

The appetizer!
I personally welcomed the distraction today. It was fun to celebrate with my "big boy"! It's also good to feel one step closer to being a diaper free home. I know, I know, it still won't probably be that for many months but please, don't rain on my parade!

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