Sunday, December 27, 2009

Unblogged Moments of 2009--February

Looking back through my pictures I realize I have several unblogged moments over the last year.

Here are February's--

This was the kids bed set-up until just recently. Titus had a toddler bed underneath of Leeann's half loft. I thought it was cute, and I want to remember it. So here it is.

This is some of Titus's John Deere stuff. I was taking pictures to list our Condo and thought it would be cute to set it all up. I intended to blog it, but obviously never did.

Here are some more of his tractors. And books.

And I took this one to make some wise-crack on my blog about cleaning the entire house today and rearranging every room from top to bottom. I suppose the umpf is lost a year later?

I would have erased this one since I realize there's a picture of his bed already in this post, but blogger isn't letting me. Odd.

My sweet, sweet little girl!

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