Tuesday, December 01, 2009

And We're Off!

**Today's Captions brought to you courtesty of my gorgeous, handsome, strong, intelligent and windsome husband.**
6:30 am ready @ PDX after a 4:00 am wakeup time! Bagels, scones and Rob with a latte.
You won't believe it, we flew to Long Beach in an Oregon State University plane. We also spotted a Universityof Washington and Boise State labeled plane.

Titus did not stop jabbering from the time he buckled until we landed.

Landon, Suzy and Logan brought up the rear.
Uncle Rob and Weston having a great time on Weston's first plane trip.


Titus thought the two straws from his "complimentary" apple juice looked an awful lot like light sabres.

The force is strong with this one.

Leeann did a mature job of sitting next to a stranger, Robyn planned well and place Leeann on the aisle.

I'm coiled like a spring, ready to pounce---"Mom, if you shove that camera in my face one more time...."

Rob's college friend Jonathan came to pick us up at Long Beach airport. A stretch Prius. Jonathan's friend peiced three wrecked Toyotoa Priuses into this six seat, Hybrid...thing....40mph.

"Hi, I'm Aunt Suzy---ready for Disneyland!"

Our accomadations

Room 2--cozy. "I wonder how that floral print would go in our living room?"

We took a stroll to Downtown Disney. About a 18 minute walk from our hotel. We posed for a few photos between the parks. The "California" letters are dressed for the holidays

We stopped at a few shops. The Lego Store was a favorite. A life size Darth Vader and 15ft tall giraffe, all made from legos were in the store!


becca said...

I hope you have a marvelous time! Disneyland is twice as magical for Christmas. Will you go on the Splash Mountain once just for me?!? :)

Kersh said...

stretch prius....hahaha. Was that Jonathan from WBC.

Hope you have a great time