Saturday, December 05, 2009

A Big Day for the Princess!

They both wanted to be chosen to be a Jedi so badly. They even had shirts (Suzy made these too!), but it wasn't enough this time.

Instead, the cute little princess was chosen. We were glad at least on of the kids got to be chosen! We'll try again to see if we can get the boys each a chance.

Leeann on stage, training to be a Jedi!

Darth Mal came super close to us. Scary looking if you ask me!

Leeann got to fight Darth Vader. It doesn't get much cooler than that!

This smile says it all. She was so proud! We were proud too, she did a great job!
Standing proud with her class of Padawan's!

And the princess dancing with the High School Musical Performance!

When you push your kids until after midnight you end up with this. He fell asleep on the shuttle and was out like a light. There was no waking this kiddo!
Yesterday was a just plain crazy day. There were too many people! We spent the morning and early afternoon at the park then came back for a good rest. Then we hit I-Hop for dinner and headed back to the hotel. Our plan was to push the kids as long as they could go. They were troopers—we stayed until the park closed at midnight!

Because of the craziness we decided that we’d skip the park tomorrow too (we had planned to skip Monday). Even though the hours are shorter during the week, it is so much more pleasant with fewer people. And, there’s a lot less waiting in-line which is more enjoyable for everyone!

Yesterday was a big day for Leeann. She got to be a part of the Jedi training academy and also got to dance in the High School Musical performance!

Here’s a recap:

Buzz Lightyear
Jedi Training Academy
Honey I shrunk the Audience
Innoventions home of the future (Suzy and I got to play Guitar Hero!)
High School Musical Performance
(A nice rest at the hotel)
Finding Nemo Submarine Tour
Tarzan’s Treehouse
Jungle Cruise
Tiki Room
Star Tours
Astro Orbitor
Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
Mad Tea Party

15 rides/attractions and 14,603 steps!

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