Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ariel's Grotto

We enjoyed lunch at Ariel's Grotto on Sunday. This time it was just our family. It was fun, and great to meet all of the main princess, but I'm not sure that we'd do this one again. The food was very yummy and the atmosphere was nice, but I'm not sure the experience was worth the price.
I say this for two reasons. First, we'd already met most of these princesses on our last trip. Second, you actually get more time with them, and get better pictures with them at Fantasy Faire. I didn't particularly like that they all came to our table right at the beginning of our meal. I think it would have been a little more magical if they'd shown up throughout lunch.
Don't get me wrong, it was a great experience, just not quite worth the amount of money the experience cost. Still, it was something that I really wanted to do with Leeann... it had been on my Disney "list" for some time, so I'm glad we got to do it!

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