Thursday, December 03, 2009

California Adventure!

Today we spent the day at California Adventures. We were 2nd in line to get into the park and got right onto my favorite ride--Soarin' Over California. They kids all LOVED it, though Titus was very, very sad that he wasn't tall enough yet. We were able to distract him with a visit across the way to see Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater though.

Landon thought this one was pretty cool!

The crew on King Triton's Carousel.

Titus on the Chew Chew Train in Bug's Life Land.

Suzy and Landon enjoying the ride!

Waiting oh so patiently for their turns on the bumper cars.

Titus was SO excited. He finally got to measure up next to a height requirement stick that said he could actually go on the ride!

Some ride in Bug's Life Land. It went in circles and made me feel sick. No more spinning rides for me!

For some reason Rob really liked this stick guy.

The kids enjoyed getting their pictures taken with the Bug's Life characters, but didn't exactly love the show. It was a little too scary for them.

But Playhouse Disney was perfect for them. They all enjoyed this one!

We got some ice cream and watched the High School Musical 3 show. Disney does everything so well!
Disney Day 2:
Soarin' Over California
Tow Mater and Lighting McQueen
Monster's Inc
Mulholland Madness
Golden Zephyr
King Triton's Carousel
Flik's Fun Fair
Flik's Flyer
Heimlich's Chew Chew Train
Princess Dot Puddle Park
Tuck and Roll's Drive em Buggies
Playhouse Disney--Live on Stage
Disney's Aladdin-- A Musical Spectacular
Monster's Inc. (Again)
Muppet Vision 3D
It's Tough to Be a Bug Show

16 Rides/Attractions and 9,703 steps. I'm tired!

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