Sunday, December 06, 2009

Disneyland--December 6th

Today was supposed to be a rest day, but we were given a couple of extra tickets so Rob, Leeann, Titus and I headed to the park for a 'bonus' day. Suzy and the boys spent some time with a friend of hers who lives down here. It was a pretty fun and relaxing day until the evening rolled around. There was a special event going on at Disneyland tonight and it was PACKED. We decided to head back to the hotel pretty early tonight.
It's crazy because I feel like we've already had an amazing fun-filled trip, and we still have 3 days left! I love Disneyland!

When we went back to Bug's Life Land today the first thing Titus did was run up to the stick to measure himself to make sure he was still tall enough to ride the bumper cars. This is one measuring stick he stands proud next to!
He loves this ride. Leeann and Titus were taunting each other in line, "I'm going to bump you so hard!" Of course they go like .5 miles an hour. Still, it's a fun ride because they get to drive cars! Um, I mean... bugs...

Posing for a picture with my princess.

When we got over to Soarin' Over California Titus begged me to take him over to the measuring stick to see if he was tall enough yet. In a 4 year-olds mind perhaps you can grow 4 inches in a day!

We came across Mr. Incredible just as he was taking off so we didn't get his signature or a picture with him, but we did get a picture of him!
Today's Recap:
Toy Story Mania
Golden Zephyr
Blue Sky Cellar
Ariel's Grotto (lunch with the princesses)
Flik's Bumper Cars
Lighting McQueen and Tow Mater
The last part of Hollywood Backlot
Monster's Inc.
Turtle Talk With Crush (Titus asked Crush a question even... "Where do clown fish live?")
9 Rides and 11,548 steps

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becca said...

Man... I am dying from all this Disneyland goodness. Too much fun!