Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Christmas Letter

Every year I intend to write a Christmas letter. I think we actually did this one year out of our 8 years of marriage. I really enjoy reading other people's Christmas letters, and I feel I ought to do the same. Or, at least send out a cute little card with our family picture on it.

Then, when Christmas gets close I think, "I'm going to do a New Year's letter, or a Valentine's letter, or a 4th of July letter." I don't know, some sort of letter that isn't crammed into an impossibly busy time of year already. Then those other seasons roll around and then I just think I'll make sure to do it next year. That's the procrastinator in me!

But this year. I'm admitting defeat and telling you, there's no way I'm going to write a Christmas letter, and all of the rest of the holiday's aren't looking promising either. If I know myself well (and I feel like I do), I'm just never going to get around to it.

One of the reasons that I decided to let myself off the hook this year and not feel guilty for it, is the fact that I blog. Those who want to know about our family read this blog and already know everything I would put in a Christmas letter anyway... yet in far more detail and with pictures!

Plus, you get to read about all sorts of exciting stuff that normally gets left out of Christmas letters. Like funny kid quotes and updates from our regular ole day-to-day lives. And instead of reading a one-liner in a Christmas letter like, "We went to Disneyland this year."... you get to experience it with us day-by-day in excruciating detail with 873 pictures just in case you felt like you needed more details!

2009 in a nutshell is this: Rob began a transition to the Senior Pastor position--a year full of transitions at the church. Rob's mom passed away--we were all very saddened. Logan and Hope came to live with us. Those 6 months were crazy, busy, exhausting, stressful and delightful all wrapped into one. Leeann lost some teeth and started school. Titus decided to go from being a baby to a boy before I even knew what happened. And, we went to Disneyland!

Those were the biggies, if you want more detail, read below. And keep reading and reading and reading until you've sifted through my 170+ posts for the year and your eyes start to bleed. I still sometimes awe at the fact that anyone reads this :0)

So, I've decided that as much as I procrastinate and leave things undone that I have the best intentions of doing... I should not feel bad. I've been writing a Christmas letter all year long. See, I've accomplished something! Now I feel like I ought to make a to-do list and include 'write my Christmas letter' so I can cross it off and feel like I did something. Nah, maybe tomorrow I'll get around to that...


Barb said...

Thanks for taking time to blog, it truly is the best Christmas letter we could receive - all year long!! I love checking to see if you've left a post. I enjoyed seeing Disney through your eyes, and I imagined them through Jan's!! Love you and miss you. Aunt b

Jessi said...

I read...all the time...just can be horrible at commenting! Keep it up! Happy New Year!