Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So much for unblogging!

My laptop died once again. I'm not sure yet if we'll try to replace just the battery or the whole computer. Either way, I don't know how long that will be yet. I'm hoping I can borrow a battery to at least get my pictures off it the lap-top before I throw it off a bridge (if you're a new reader, I've had nothing but trouble with that thing!). I haven't backed up my Christmas or Disneyland pictures yet, I really hope I don't lose those.

Anyway, I'm at work now, but just wanted to let you know that my updates might be fewer further between for a short period of time. Though Rob's getting his laptop back from the dead today so at least I should have a little bit of internet access at home at some point in the near future. We'll see I guess!

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