Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Jedi Kind of Day!

When we walked out in front of our hotel this morning, this is what we saw. Did I mention we got a really good rate on our hotel?

In all reality, they were at the hotel next door. And, while we did get a great rate, our hotel is actually relatively nice all things considered.

We watched the Princess and the Frog's Showboat Jubilee today.

And we spent some time on Tom Sawyer's Island.

The kids enjoyed it, but Rob LOVED it!

Seriously, he was like one over-grown kid darting around the island!

My favorite kiddo's surrounded by loot!

We camped out for the Jedi show once again, in hopes of Logan and/or Titus getting trained to be Jedi's. With some valiant effort on our parts, Logan, Titus AND Leeann got to go up today!

This guy was having a whole conversation with Titus and he wasn't paying any attention at all. He was fiddling with his Light Saber. It was funny!

Leeann took Titus under her wing and was showing him the way of the Jedi before he got on stage!

Logan got to fight Darth Vader! Several times today he said that he's really glad he got picked to be a Jedi. We were too, because we didn't want to camp out for any more Jedi shows. Don't get me wrong, it's a good show, we've just done it a time or two... or four..l

Leeann took her job very seriously today.

The force is strong with this one! He was the last to fight today and everyone in the crowd was cheering for him.

Probably because he's literally 1/2 the size of the rest of the kids fighting today. See, he's the one in the front left about 6 kids over, leaning out looking at...?

Proudly displaying their training certificates! Notice Leeann's shirt it says "Princess Leia Rocks!" Aunt Suzy made it!

A Goofy Family!

We met up briefly with Jonathan, Jocelyn, Emma, Josiah and Lucas today. We got to sit with them while watching the parade! Rob went to college with Jonathan at WBC.

The kids all bought glow stick light sabers today. It took Rob about 2 minutes to decide that he wanted one for himself too. So, when they got back to the hotel they turned off all the lights and had a little light saber action going on. It was fun!

The princess was asleep (or at least pretending to be), but the boys had a blast!

And I had fun taking pictures of the action :0)

Daily Recap:
Matterhorn (2x)
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Laughing Stock Comedy Show
Tiana's Riverboat Jubilee
Tom Sawyer's Island
Jedi Training Academy
Holiday Fantasy Parade
Pixar Play Parade
9 rides/attractions and 11,882 steps

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