Monday, December 07, 2009

Character Fun!

Today was a cold, wet, rainy, windy, icky day in Disneyland. We Oregonian's persevered however, and stuck with it until the cold bitter end. And, because of that we got to enjoy some awesome perks--like riding Soarin Over California twice, Toy Story Mania 5 times in a row, going through princess Fantasy Faire 3 times in a row and riding Splash Mountain twice--all with little to no wait! We did a few rides today, but mostly saw cool characters.

Leeann was demonstrating how to do the Toy Story Mania ride to Ariel who was inquiring about what rides Leeann went on today. So cute!

We ended up seeing virtually the same 3 princesses in Fantasy Faire the first two times we went through, but decided to hop back in line one final time and it paid off because we got to meet Tiana from Princess and the Frog! Her movie comes out this Friday, and we already got to meet her! The line is usually an hour wait or more, but we went through in about 10 minutes. Priceless!

Belle was great. We saw her three times within a half hour so she remembered Leeann real well, and was very, very sweet to her! She's my personal favorite :0)

Cinderella snuck in just as we were exiting, but she pulled Leeann over for a photo so we got a bonus princess that time!

After we met the princesses we scurried on over to Pixie Hollow to meet Tinkerbell and her friend Terrance. They were funny bantering back and forth. Tink asked Leeann what she's good at, such as drawing or coloring. Leeann thought for a second then looked up at her and said, "I'm good at helping people when they're hurt!" And that she is. She's such a sweet girl!

We decided to go on Splash Mountain today since we were already cold and soaked (and wearing poncho's). It was Suzy, Weston, Logan, Leeann and I. The kids did great... none of them were scared a bit! In fact, they begged us to do it again and since there was no one else in line the cast member let us stay on the log and go again. Brave, brave kiddos I tell you. I was not nearly as brave as them!

Today's Recap:
Soarin' Over California (2x)
Toy Story Mania (5x)
Turtle Talk with Crush
Disney Animation Studio
Train Ride
Princess Fantasy Faire (3x)
Pixie Hollow
Indiana Jones (Suzy, Rob and Leeann)
Jungle Cruise (Robyn, Weston, Titus, Logan and Landon)
Splash Mountain (2x)
Haunted Mansion (Rob, Titus and Landon)
19 rides/attractions and 11,874 steps

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