Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our Final Day

Our final day in Disneyland was on Wednesday. It was a beautiful sunny day and was darn near perfect day in my opinion!

I'd always wanted to go on Mark Twain's boat, and finally got my chance!

Leeann got yet another chance to be 'on stage' if you will. She jumped right up to play bells for this man who was singing jingle bells. She did a great job!

All 8 of us with Mickey behind his house. I think he was filming a movie out back :0)

Leeann was steering Donald's boat.

A little family picture in front of a really, really tall beautiful tree in the middle of Main Street.
Another family picture.

And one more just for fun!

Okay, I lied. One more...

This is Leeann practicing taking pictures. She, once again, asked us to kiss for the picture! The following pictures are also some of her handywork.

This is an area just outside of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. It's right beside Snow White's wishing well and just might be (in my opinion) the most beautiful place in all of Disneyland.

It's a calm, peaceful place and one we'll make a point to visit on any future trips to Disneyland.

And this particular spot is also very special to our family. This was the first place we headed to on our first day at Disneyland in 2007. We have a couple of pictures of our family in this very spot, as we prepared to meet Cinderella for the first time. Most notably, this is the exact spot where our first and favorite pictures were taken with Rob's mom, whom we affectionately refer to as Mee Maw in our family.

So much has changed in the 2.5 years since our amazing trip together. And so much has changed in our lives since her death last February. I wish more than anything that we could have shared these magical memories with her!

She loved her grandkids, and she loved Disneyland. Most of all, she loved getting to see her grandkids in Disneyland. I wouldn't trade those moments or those memories for anything in the world! Perhaps I'll have to dig up some of our favorite Disney pictures with her for my next post.

This is Leeann on Dumbo. It was our first ride and one of our last. Titus begged us to go on this one.

We ended the night by watching Fantasmic followed by the fireworks show. The fireworks ended with 'snow' falling from the sky. Magical! Rob was looking forward to this special moment for a looooong time.

I'd say it was the perfect ending to a perfect vacation!

And just for fun I had to snap this picture. One of my favorite pictures from our previous trip was of these two sleeping side by side. Sure enough, I still love pictures of these cute kiddos sleeping. It's the mom in me!

Daily Recap (as best as I can remember anyway):

Matterhorn (2x)

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

It's automatically double spacing and driving me bonkers...

Mark Twain's Riverboat

Splash Mountain

Haunted Mansion (2x for the non-Splash Mountain folks)

Small World

Mickey's House

Donald's Boat

Shopping on Mainstreet

Ice Cream in the parlor

Picture Time (see above)


Peter Pan's Flight

King Arther's Carousel

Innoventions Dream Home



16 rides/attractions and 17,308 steps!

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alexanders said...

robyn, it looks like you all had a blast! what fun family memories!