Sunday, May 31, 2009


There's something about the McDonalds that we frequent that sets Leeann's allergies off... in the late Spring/early Summer especially. Today she just started freaking out at McDonalds, and I was honestly quite annoyed because she just spontaneously erupts into rivers of tears so often (and usually for next to no-good reason), but we whisked the kids into the car and headed home.

When we got home I looked at Leeann and she could barely open her eye. It was puffy... really puffy. And there were hives surrounding it. Her eye swelled into a near perfect, puffy circle. When she opened her eye the whites of her eye were swollen and totally glossed over. It was bad.

So I gave her some children's benedryl and called Grampy (Leeann's bio Grandpa, who happens to be a head nurse), and he encouraged me to put an ice pack on it and give it an hour or so to go down before taking her to Urgent Care. So, Leeann and I snuggled on the couch while I held her ice pack over her eye and we had yet another talk about how she uses her tears too much so we don't always know if she's really hurt or really sad. And I apologized to her for not listening well when she said she was hurt. We had such a good snuggle that we both fell asleep. Two hours later she was still puffy, but it had gone down quite a bit and the hives were gone.

We were headed to a softball game so we took her by Grampy's house (so she didn't risk getting worse by whatever's floating around outside). Then we all trooped to our game which we won 15-8! We lost our first two this year, so it was nice to finally win. Rob scored 4 runs, I... um, didn't. I did get on base twice and hit it three times though. Hey, lets be honest, I'm happy if I connect with the ball!

Other than that, there's not a whole lot that's new or exciting going on in our world. We continue to trek along day by day as a family of 6. I realized the other day when I was writing the kids' birthdays down for something that Leeann and Logan have the same birth year and so do Hope and Titus. It's like raising two sets of twins two years apart. We're nearly 3 months into our adventure now. Things really are going well on most days. We, of course, have our ups and downs as always. School is almost out so it will be interesting to see how we adjust to a summer schedule. I look forward to not having to get up at 7:45. I know, that's pathetic isn't it?

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