Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I decided to boot my home computer back up this morning and see if I could get on the internet since I heard the conficker virus had self-destructed or something like that (I'm not a computer geek by any means, I just heard it on the radio one day). Anyway, I'm on the internet at my house which I'm really excited about... I haven't checked my email since Sunday morning and I'm having withdrawals! It's running as slow as a slug, but hey, I learned that today probably isn't a good day to go play at the park before we headed out today. That was good!

Leeann and I got to go to Brenna's house last night and watch the 3 hour Biggest Loser Season Finale. It was lots of fun, but Leeann only kept those cute little eyes open until about 10:00. She was so cute! I enjoyed some time with some friends, and escaping bed time!

Well, honestly, I've got more browsing to do, so this will be the end of my posting for now. Just thought I'd let you know that I'm (hopefully) back on-line!

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