Saturday, May 09, 2009

The End of Blogging...

... for now anyway.

I regret to inform you, my faithful viewing audience, that my posts will be few and far between for at least a short while. All 3 of our computers are dead.

My battery finally gave out on my lap-top and we refuse to put any more money into the pile of junk.

My home computer has the conficker virus and I can't get it off until 1.) Someone smarter than me can look at it. And 2.) I think I need to find my copy of Windows (and we've moved 2 times since we bought the computer so it could be anywhere!) in order to do the proper updates since the version of windows that is on my computer apparently isn't genuine, I need our code from the original windows to get it to update.

Rob's laptop got the blue screen of death 2 days ago for the second time in a week.

So, we are in a bad spot as far as computers are concerned, hence the fact I probably won't be blogging much in the near future. I'm not quite sure what our plan of action will be. Remember, we're trying to set aside any extra money to pay off Rob's student loans. Argggg... Rob uses his for work so I imagine that will be the first to be replaced.

Unfortunately, until my blog magically starts making a significant amount of money, my need for daily blogging doesn't register as far up on the priority list as Rob's working. Bummer huh? I'll try to sneak updates as I can commandeer other people's computers (like I'm doing to Aunt Pam's right now!), until we can figure something else out.

So, thank you for being a faithful reader and I'll try to get up and running as soon as I can!

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SaraJane G Campbell said...

They have new small mini computers for 2 or 300dollars. Really only good for documents and email but might be a good option since you aren't doing papers...though I guess you do like to do a lot with pics and that would not work. Praying for a great computer to come out of the sky for you. God will provide. Love you!