Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family Pictures

These are some pictures that were taken on Saturday at Shelly's (Rob's sister) house.

This is Shelly's husband Chuck with all four of their amazingly awesome kiddos. They were seeing who could eat a twizzler first with no hands. Chuck won!
These are Rob's moms parents, Martha and Stan. They're coming up on 59 years of marriage!

We went through a lot of Rob's moms pictures over the weekend and there were a lot of pictures of different sets of cousins lined up from oldest to youngest. So, to keep with tradition we took another one. We're missing the Hansen kids, but this will have to work until we can get everyone on the same side of the United States!

And this is all of the Buhl kids with their families and Rob's dad and step-mom. Weston's there... behind Suzy... see? Shelly is amazing, she hosts all but four of these people when we come up. I want to be as hospitable as Shelly when I grow up (er, if I grow up!).

This is the position that Titus takes for most of his time at Shelly's house--on Josh's back! Josh takes such good care of the boys when they are up there. He runs and bounces and chases and builds and creates and even supervises sleep-overs with the boy cousins. You're the greatest Josh! I don't have any pictures of Leeann with Ashly and Amanda this time, but they do the same with Leeann, only with Polly Pockets and Littlest PetShop stuff!

And here is a picture of the next generation of cousins. KayLee, Landon, Josh, Amanda, Ashly, Weston, Leeann, Logan and Titus. These guys are a hoot together!

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