Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mother of the year escapes me again!

So, today we carved out our afternoon for Leeann's kindergarten orientation. Rob took part of the afternoon off of work, Nanny is going to be here to watch the other kids... we're rip roaring ready to go!

The only problem is, apparently kindergarten orientation was yesterday. Whoops! As if I haven't already felt like enough of a failure to school aged children by all the shenanigans involved in having Logan in school. I can somewhat justify it since it's not like I got to jump into this thing from the beginning. Now, I apparently won't be jumping into it with Leeann from the beginning either because I wrote the wrong date in my calendar. Nice! Yes, the Mother of the Year award escapes me again!

Today marks the 2 month anniversary of having Logan and Hope here. In some ways time has flown by and in other ways it's crept along. Well, perhaps I should go now, and figure out what to do with my day now!


Proud Parents said...

It was nice chatting this a.m. and will look forward to actually being able to respond to your blogs! Missing orientation doesn't mean she cannot sign up, right? "Mother of the Year" took her out for some Mom/Daughter time instead, right?

L., Pam

LEslie Bradner said...

No worries Robyn. At ours the kids ran wild, it was crowded, hot and we parents tried to hear the things people were telling us but couldn't because of the noise. We then got a folder with all the forms to fill out and that have to be turned in before Sept. Stop by the class one day, meet the teacher and get the forms and you will once again be in the running for "mother of the year." Just don't set the bar too high for the rest of us.
** I should have realized that your orientation should have been the same day as ours, just different school. Sorry I couldn't give you a heads up.