Saturday, May 02, 2009

Attitude Check

There's nothing like a few (childless) hours with a good friend and a couple of amazing teenage girls that we get the pleasure of hanging out with, coupled with an amazing Bible study about an amazing woman (Esther), in a cozy cafe with a yummy drink... to give me a much needed attitude check.

Rob took all four kids to a Birthday party today while I spend some time with Brenna, Kimmee and Kelli. It was so good to have even a few short hours on my own today. Then Rob took Logan to run some errands and I got some much-needed stuff done around the house. I almost feel like I'm kind of on-top of a few things around here.

I was determined today to have a better attitude than I have had recently, and it's amazing at how much of a difference that simple determination seemed to have made.

I have sweet kiddos. Titus asked me tonight if he could "be with me" while Rob and I worked on some finance stuff at the table while the kiddos were watching a movie. He just sat on my lap for a few minutes with his blanket and bear. I love that!

Leeann takes the cake though. About 10 or 15 minutes after all the rest the kids were asleep Rob headed upstairs where he heard Leeann crying. She told him that she misses Mee Maw. She said she was sad because it means that Hee Paw is lonely. She is such a thoughtful, sweet, compassionate, caring little girl. I love my kiddos. Today, today was a good day!


My name is Breanna... said...

l love your kiddos too! It's so sawesome when their little hearts reveal such big stuff. You are an aweome mommy too! It's good to be real wtih our kids, and in turn get the sincerity of little hearts! Being a mom is the best gift in the whole world.... and you are a mom to four right now, how blessed you are!

Proud Parents said...

OK! Going to try again to write on here. If it doesn't work this time, you need to help me! Hang in there young lady with the multi-motherhood stuff you do! Someone besides we humans is taking notes!

SaraJane G Campbell said...

Yeah, I am sooo glad to see you had a good Robyn Day!!!! You need it. By the way I will be flying home for my mom's surgery! Once I have it scheduled I will get a ticket and let you know. I absolutely want to see you guys so we will see how it works out. Love ya!!!