Thursday, May 28, 2009

My little Picasso's

A couple of weeks ago I came upstairs to find Hope and Titus displaying some beautiful art work on the walls. And the doors. And the dresser. And the desk. And the bunk bed stairs. And the toys. And the carpet. And the window sill. And the other wall. And the outside of the door. And the end table. And the rubber maid container...

Yes, to say the least, I could have lost my lid... but I didn't. I stuck them both in time-out and took my aggression out on the walls with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (those things are amazing!).

If you click on the picture above it will get bigger and you can see a number of very nicely written T's on the bottom of the door. I have to say, I smiled to myself and was proud of Titus when I saw those... he hasn't yet written his T's on paper, so I was strangely proud of his creation!

Hope and Titus spent a number of weeks grounded from crayons since neither of them learned their lesson that time. They've both since tried fine-tuning their artistic skills, despite my best efforts to hide the crayons from them!
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