Thursday, May 28, 2009

In Honor of Mee Maw

This weekend the family gathered in honor of Mee Maw's Birthday (or, the weekend of her Birthday at least), to do gingerbread houses. For a number of years she's gathered all the grandkids together let them decorate gingerbread houses and eat as much candy as they want. The gingerbread houses were all set up for this year, but a snow storm prevented us from being up there at Christmas and then she was in the hospital, so we post-poned the festivities until this last weekend. So, in her honor we let our kids eat sugar until they puked (okay, only one puked, it was Logan... the rest of them were only on the verge :0), and decorate houses to their hearts content. This was Titus's first time doing it since you have to be 3 to participate. I'm sad he didn't get to do it with Mee Maw, but I'm glad he got to enjoy in the tradition anyway.

This was just one of the tables full of kids and sugar!

Leeann with Rob's Aunt Barb, Janice's sister. They were here from Indiana for the week!
Weston and Logan and their wonderful houses!
I felt a strange urge to decorate something myself and since I'm too big to have my own gingerbread house, I decorated my daughter instead!
And then some other people got involved and added some accessories.
Great Grandpa was especially proud of his art work!
Here's Leeann's finished product.
Here's a small glimpse into the chaos!
This is Titus's train. He got quite impatient and just wanted to eat all the candy. For every piece that went on the train 6 went in his mouth!
And this is the resulting sugar-coma that Titus fell into. He slept for an hour and a half, in a dining room chair. The kid wouldn't wake up for anything!
It was a super fun day. Gingerbread houses make for good memories. We, of course, all wished that Mee Maw had been there. We miss her. I miss her--a lot.


Proud Parents said...

Thanks for catching me up. Been checking on you and nothing for days, but now I understand. Nice looking clan and Mee Maw would be proud of you for keeping up the tradition.

alexanders said...

oh what fun!! such a special family tradition too!!