Monday, June 01, 2009

Dentist Day

Today the immediate Buhl family all got to embark on a field trip to the dentist. Titus did amazingly well for his first teeth cleaning! Seriously, he just climbed in the chair, opened up and let the hygenist go to work! Leeann on the other hand, well, she cried a lot (surprise!). She wouldn't let the hygenist take x-rays or put the flouride trays on her teeth, but other than that things went well.

I found out today that Leeann has 2 loose teeth! They're just a little bit loose, but she said they'd probably come out in the next 3 or 4 months. How can I have a little girl who's turning 6, about to start school and ready to loose teeth?!?!

She's such a precious little girl. I still can't believe that God is allowing me to be her mother. Adoption is such a beautiful thing!


Tara said...

You are a pro of a mom! I hadn't even thought of taking Logan to the dentist and he is 3 1/2. Oops! Way to be on top of things. You are an amazing woman!

Robyn said...

You're not too late, they do their first appointments at 3, so you're right on time! Well, at least that's what my dentist does.