Saturday, May 02, 2009

Computer Woes

My laptop gave me the blue screen of death with some words scrolled acrossed it temporarily, then booted up. I'm wondering if it's at the end of it's life span. My battery no longer charges so it only works if plugged in. I'm just waiting for it to crash.

My desktop ended up with the conficker virus last week, so I can't get on the internet. It just keeps directing me to buy a software that I know is intended only to steal my information. Seriously, I can't go anywhere on the internet, so I haven't turned it on in a week.

Somehow my speakers stopped working on both my desktop at home and at work. Strange eh?

My problems are minor in comparission to Rob's though. His computer crashed this week and only a small number of his files were saved before the hard drive was wiped clean. 6.5 years of work are on his laptop. Uh, I mean, were on his laptop. We never back-up our computers and this is the price we're paying. Rob is currently at Costco with Logan picking up an external hard-drive so we can back our computers up finally.

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