Monday, January 19, 2009

Storybook Land

We enjoyed a night at Storybook land with the kids just a few days before Christmas. Storybook land is a big building filled with displays off characters from beloved storybooks and movies. There is a large train set that had multiple trains going around tracks (click on the collage to see more details in the pictures above). You should have seen Titus go crazy when he saw Thomas the train!

We ran into our friends Toby, Kajsa and Kamden too. Toby was kind enough to take a fun family picture for us. Thanks Toby!

Santa was waiting at the end of Storybook land, and our kids weren't really sure what to do with him. In our quest not to lie to our kids we've told them that Santa is just pretend, but that some kids think he's real. They haven't really asked a lot of questions about it, they just take it for what it is. So when Santa asked them to sit on his lap the kids got a little freaked out. That is, until they saw he was offering candy canes... then all of the sudden Santa wasn't so bad!

When we walked outside just before it closed we were greeted with giant flakes of falling snow. We played around in it for a few minutes, trying to catch flakes with our tongues. It really was a picture-perfect beautiful ending to yet another wonderful family memory.
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Miss. Cindel said...

Oh my word!
"He's plotting his next move" ~ it sure looks like it, doesn't it?!
Ha! Robyn, you have an amazing sense of humor!!
Save these posts and pictures and have him read these his senior year in high school!!! :*D