Friday, January 09, 2009

Pink Eye and Glasses

Yesterday was a big day for Titus (as far as his eyes are concerned anyway!). He came down with pink eye and also got fitted for his first pair of glasses that should arrive in a week. He looks cute, but so different. They hardly had any glasses that fit him because he's so little, but he should grow into the ones we got him before too long. Hopefully it'll help him quite a bit because the doctor said his left eye isn't doing much of anything... so he'll probably be excited to wear his glasses since he'll be able to see and track better. I'll be certain to post a picture once he gets his glasses. In the meantime we're laying low in what is probably a failing attempt to not spread our ickiness to the world!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Jacob came down with pink eye too! He woke up Thursday morning screaming in pain with his left eye swollen shut. We got him into Urgent Care and on ointment quickly. Pretty yucky stuff. It took until Saturday before we saw improvement. I was almost ready to take him back in. The ointment is terrible and we had to use gummy worm bribing to get him to let us put it in. We are lookin good now and hoping the right eye stays clear. Hope Titus is doing well. Can't wait to see him in glasses. I love little guys in glasses.