Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow Day

Yup, I'm still playing catch up. These are pictures from December 15th (our 7 year anniversary by the way). Rob got the day off of work because of snow! We treked over to Suzy's to play in the snow with the boys. It was cold! We had fun playing around in the snow and enjoyed some hot chocolate to warm us up after the adventures.

Click on the photo above to see fun pictures, like snow angels, wrestling and Logan and Titus licking the snow, then being upset because their faces were cold! You also need to check out Weston's hat hair in the hot cocoa picture!

Later that night Rob and Titus and I went to Applebees, since our intended anniversary dinner was supposed to be out-of-town and Leeann went out to dinner with some of her birth family members. Just as dinner finished we got a frantic phone call from Suzy about Landon being burned (he's doing well now, in case you are wondering) so we headed very slowly to the E.R. through the snow.

It was a fun day and I was super glad to get to spend it with my fantastic family!
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