Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Please tell me this is just a dream

On this the eve of a historically monumental Inauguration Day, just 5.5 hours away from swearing in the nation's first black president, I find myself pondering the greater things of life, history, politics and vomit. Yes folks, that's right, vomit. Why else would I be awake at 3:30 in the morning? We've talked about how much I like my sleep and this definitely interferes with my sleep!

Of course, when this is the face that walks into your room some time in the awful 2 o'clock hour you can't help but want to sacrifice your sleep to care for this little guy. After all, some one has to get the chunks of vomit off of his face and out of his hair right? Some one has to get the vomit off his new jammies, and someone as to bathe the poor kid. Isn't that what God made mother's for?

And this morning, Rob found out that apparently daddy's are made for stripping beds of the nastiness before they can go down to the couch to sleep as to not be woken up during round 2.

Round 2 is never as bad though. The bulk of dinner usually ends making it's appearance during round one. You bathe them, get their bedding into the washer, lovingly dress them and rub their backs telling them how sorry you are that they are sick.

Then you lay them down on top of towels armed with several bowls and strict instructions to vomit in the bowl next time. Then you do what any blogging mom would do and you go downstairs to grab the camera, because every one prefers pictures with my wordy posts. You and I both know that there's typically a round 2 and quite possibly a round 3 before anyone is going to get some real sleep... so you pull out the lap top, crawl back in bed and write a public on-line journal entry about vomit, because we all know it's every one's favorite subject to read about!

When round 2 comes you make a mental note to keep the baby wipes handy for immediate clean up purposes, and also make a mental note to remind the sick child not to wipe their face on their shirt once they've finished vomiting. You change the towel out from underneath them, since they attempted to obey they strict throw-up-in-the-bowl instructions, but didn't quite fully hit the mark. Hey, he's only 3.

Well, maybe these are not the things that you would do, but they are the things that I would do. And, well, it's my blog and it's nearing 4 o'clock in the morning, so I get to tell these fun little vomit stories any way I want to. It's my prerogative! (That just looks funny, but that's how spell-check says it's spelled... I probably shouldn't argue with spell-check at this hour, it's usually right)
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SaraJane G Campbell said...

It is one thing to be up in the middle of the night to take care of your little boy. But it is another that you are crazy enough to take the time to blog about it in the middle of the night! I now know you are addicted to the whole blogging thing!

Diana said...

LOL! This is a fantastic post. Thanks Robin! I haven't had to deal with throwing up yet, thank God, but I hope when I do I can have a sense of humor about it like you!