Thursday, January 08, 2009

Because of the Tater Tots

*Caution, vomit story below, those with weak stomachs should stop reading here.*

I spent a better part of my wee morning hours consoling my son, cleaning up vomit, bathing him, doing laundry, remaking beds, etc. Why, oh why can't they throw up during the day time?

The first alarm came yesterday morning after breakfast when Titus said, "I have a tummy ache from beckfast (breakfast)". Then after lunch I heard, "I have a tummy ache from lounch (lunch)." At 12:45 (not even an hour from when I fell asleep) I heard him crying in his bed which is unusual. I asked him if he'd thrown up and he said he had... but I couldn't find any evidence of it, so I tucked him back into bed and sat by him and played with his hair until he fell back asleep. If I were smart, I would have given him a bowl and put a towel down 'just in case'. Hind sight is 20/20.

Around 2:45 he was crying again and I was reluctant to get out of bed because he wasn't crying over anything specific last time. Real motherly of me, I know! So, Rob finally woke me up enough to get out of bed and tend to him and sure enough he was holding a handful of thick, chunky reddish colored vomit, and his pillow and favorite blanket had been sacrificed too.

I thought far enough in advance to take his other two fleece blankets out of his bed the first time knowing that if he threw up, he'd need one to fall back asleep while the other one got washed. Why I didn't put a towel down is beyond me!

Anyway, he looked up at me through the tears and said, "It was because of my tater tots!" So I got him in the bath, cleaned him up, washed the contaminated items, got him dressed and sent him to his make-shift towel covered bed on my bedroom floor. Just before he made it to the bed he lost it all over blanket #2. I took him back into the bath room and cleaned him up and threw his blanket in the wash too. He missed his jammies entirely this time so I settled for a wipe up instead of a full on bath. We grabbed blanket #3 and headed back to bed. Just I walked in my room my bare feet discovered that might floor had been hit too. Yuck! So I cleaned myself up, tucked blanket #3 behind Titus, and tucked Berry Bear deep under the covers to protect her, and layed a bowl beside his head and gave him instructions on how to use it.

Just before vomit #2 Rob opted to head downstairs to finish his slumber on the couch, so I brought Leeann in to snuggle with me. She'd been rather concerned about Titus and was on the verge of tears while I helped him. She said she didn't want to be in her room alone and hadn't fallen back to sleep since the first incident started... so we snuggled up together and tried to go back to sleep.

Within another 45 minutes it happened again, but this time he totally made it in the bowl. I was so proud of him! Leeann watched intently and tried to console him... my little nurse in training... as he hurled for a few minutes. So, I cleaned him up, washed out the bowl and we all headed back to bed. Rob had to leave before 6 this morning so I woke up just a little bit to say good-bye to him. I, for one, am exhausted this morning!

Titus is as bright-eyed and bushy tailed as ever this morning though and hasn't thrown up since sometime before 4, so I'm hopeful we're in a clearing. I gave him a piece of toast and a little water for breakfast. Somehow, I think we're all getting naps today!

I had plans to make it in the office with the kids for a little while today, to go to the bank and the store too. I think my plans have changed to being busy at home today, hopefully we'll be able to tackle some of those things tomorrow. I'm not really sure why I share vomit stories with you, but if you're still reading you must find them somewhat interesting... which is strange.

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My name is Breanna... said...

Just wanted to empathize with your throw up story. That is one part of being a mom that can literally stink! And how can you be mad or frustrated with there sweet little sick faces! Your a good mommy!

Jennifer & DW said...

I'm so glad Titus got the hang of the bowl! Elisha's only been sick like that once, and he definitely didn't understand the bowl concept. I was glad we have hardwood floors! I'm also glad Titus is feeling better.

becca said...

Yes, I kept reading because I dread those days ahead and I want any wisdom that comes from hearing your experience. I'm so sorry and hope your day went better!

beachbirdie said...

I'm not really sure why I share vomit stories with you, but if you're still reading you must find them somewhat interesting...

I suppose I read vomit stories because it reminds me of the "dark" side of parenting, LOL!

I miss having little ones, but I don't miss being up all night with 4 vomiting cherubs!

Milly said...

This is Milly, and I read your blog so I can see what is happening in Albania. I miss you!

Megan said...

So, I take an evil pleasure in reading your vomiting blogs aloud to Josh...becaused the look of horror he always gets on his face NEVER gets old...SO funny. He truly can't imagine how he will ever be able to deal with vomiting someday. I tell him that it's probably some special instinct or power that kicks in when it's your own kid...but I could be totally wrong. For us, a vomiting child could very well mean a vomiting dad. Oi...