Thursday, January 15, 2009

She threw up in the pool

So, what more can I say? Leeann threw up in the pool during swim lessons tonight. Well, she said she threw up in her mouth and her teacher told her to go to the garbage can. She got out of the pool and had liquid streaming down her chin and looked like she was blowing chunks, but it wasn't full-on vomit.

So, we're hopeful it was just due to the fact that she'd eaten dinner then exerted herself too hard. Or maybe she gagged on some water or something. I'm really hopeful that it's not keep-me-holed-up in the house for several more days sickness. I promise you... I will go nuts if it is!

It's been an hour without any additional incidence, so I think we'll be okay. I think we'll be okay. I think we'll be okay.

The good news is that she floated on her back, all by herself for more than 15 seconds! She's making great progress, and I'm quite proud of her!

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