Monday, January 19, 2009

Nai Nai

After the Christmas program, Leeann's birth mom, Kyndall, came to lunch with us then ventured over to our house for a little gift exchange.

This a picture of Leeann wearing her beautiful new bath robe from Kyndall. She calls her Nai-Nai, which is Tegalog for mom. Kyndall is 1/2 Filipino.

Leeann and Titus opened up there 24 packs of Play-Doh compliments of Kyndall and her dad. We call him Grampy.

Leeann chose a lotion and body wash set from Bath and Body Works for Kyndall. Leeann proudly picked out the gifts all by herself and was quite proud of them. She even wrapped them by herself too!
I tried to get these two to pose for a nice Christmas picture since they were dressed up so beautifully... but they were both quite hyper and I didn't exactly get the picture-perfect photo I'd hoped for. Oh well, you still get the gist. They were adorable!Check SpellingThis is just a fun picture showing Titus and Leeann engaging in one of their favorite activities--wrestling daddy!

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