Friday, January 16, 2009

Not listening or not hearing?

Titus had his 3 year well check today and... he hit the charts on both height and weight! Out of 100 boys his age there might even be one or two that are smaller than him! He weights 25.2 pounds and he's 35 inches tall.

The doctor asked if I had any concerns and I told him that we were concerned about his hearing... especially lately. I said either he's been in a very defiant state, totally ignoring us, or he's having trouble hearing.

One glance into his ear with his light and he said, "Ah, his ear is full of puss, I'm surprised he's not screaming in pain!" So, it turns out that he has a pretty severe double ear infection, and can hardly hear anything.

So, the fact that he was driving me nuts this past week constantly asking, "What? What? What? What?", and refusing to obey when I would ask him to do something was really in response to actually not being able to hear. No wonder my week has been so frustrating!

Leeann didn't throw up anymore, so I think she just over exerted herself. Today, we're headed to Salem to do some shopping before heading to Logan and Weston's birthday party. I thought I'd have to stay home with Leeann, but it looks like we'll finally get to get out of the house and socialize today!


Char said...

Ryan was constantly getting ear infections and he ended up getting tubes this summer. His hearing score doubled after the tubes! Poor kid couldn't hear well because of all the fluid in his ears and he started talking much better after the tubes!
Glad the doctor fixed the problem!

T & K said...

Don't you just love when your kids make you feel like such a great mom that you didn't know they had huge ouchy stuff going on because they were only a little off? Isaiah did that to me at 2 months...took him in for a 2month check up and the doctor told me his ear drum had burst! He had only been slightly cranky--I promise!