Monday, January 19, 2009

The Christmas Program

I wrote about this earlier, but here are the pictures from our church's Christmas Program.

Leeann was as cute, and sweet and angelic as can be!
As was Titus for the most part--during the first service.

During the second service (after having some Christmas cookies for a snack) he discovered that the things on his back were wings.

Logan was a cow... and a cute one if you ask me!

Oh yeah, back to the wings. You know--the things that make you fly?

I think in this picture he was simply plotting his next move.

Like, trying to tie his shoe. Why not? I'm sure he can figure it out on his own.

Or, how about I flop around behind some of these kids like a mad man?
Maybe I'll do some flying. And some dancing. And some sliding across the stage? Maybe I'll run back and forth so fast that mom can't figure out how to grab me and take me off the stage. Yeah, that's it! That's what I'll do. Every body's laughing. I think they're laughing at me. They must like what I'm doing, and I should certainly do some more of it!
Why isn't mom taking pictures of my cute stunts? Everybody else seems to like it. She should be catching this... this is great blogging material! Mom, why'd you put your camera down?
Oh no, that's mom. She's coming up here. Is she laughing or crying? That's a tough one. Am I in trouble? Mommy, I'm just making good use of my wings... I can fly!
And this one is a better shot of Logan the cow.

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