Monday, January 19, 2009

Packed Away

I just packed away Titus's 12-18 month clothes... yippie! Suzy gave us some 2t and 3t clothes today and I purged the 12-18 month clothes to make room for them. His pants have been looking like high-waters, but 18-24 month pants fall off of him. Suzy gave me a size 2 with an adjustable waist today and they fit perfectly!

That's a really good thing since he's worn a hole in most of his 12-18 month jeans from being too rough on them for too long. If I remember right he's been in this size for a year or more. His new predicted height based on his latest measurements is 5'5"... up 3" from the last estimate. Only time will tell how tall he'll end up being though.

My kids have been a great joy to me lately. Amazing how the perspective changes when you're not holed up with sick kids isn't it? Seriously, I sure am having a lot of fun with them at this stage, they are both such joys to be around with their fun personalities. I'm so happy to be a mommy!

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