Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And, again... AHAHHHHHH!!!!!

You'll be happy to know that Leeann didn't throw up anymore after church on Sunday. Rob and I got to go out and celebrate a new job with some good friends by eating out at a super little Italian restaurant in downtown Albany called Clemenza's (on first street... I highly recommend it for you locals). It was so good that I could still feel the garlic seeping out my pores when I woke up in the morning!

This almost didn't happen because who wants to babysit a sick kid? How about a really good friend who was also stuck at home with a sick kid? THANK YOU BRENNA!!! Suzy took Titus and he cried and cried all of the way home because he didn't want to leave Aunt Suzy's house. It's so great to have family in town! Anyway, we had a great night and Leeann didn't throw up on Brenna, so that was good.

Last night, just as we were shutting off a movie I heard Leeann heaving from upstairs 36 HOURS LATER! So I picked up her pillow and blanket and scooped the chunks of vomit off of them before I stuck them in the washing machine. I suddenly found myself grateful that I didn't add corn to the soup we ate for dinner. She got into the shower to get the nastiness out of her hair and I set off to make her a towel covered bed on my floor. (Side note, it was the 2nd shower she'd taken all by herself yesterday. She's getting so big!)

This morning the kids and I all slept in until 10:15, so that was good. I cannot even begin to define the level of stir-crazy that I'm experiencing right now. They are currently watching the first of many, many movies they will likely see today.

Seriously, it's tough being a mom. I don't feel like a very good mom right now. I've been getting frustrated far to easily with my kiddos lately. They are whiny as can be because we've all been couped up at home, and frankly, I've been whiny too! Rob hasn't felt real well either and he's been trying to adjust to his new schedule at work since he's preaching on Sunday mornings now which makes me feel more stuck than normal because it's not exactly like I can ask him to come home and then just leave and go for a really, really, really long drive! Though we are supposed to be in St. Helens this weekend and he asked me this morning what we would do if the kids were still sick. At first I said we'd stay home. Then I said maybe I'd just take which ever kid isn't sick. Then I decided, hey... I'll just go :0) Really, I'd love to! We'll see.

I gave Leeann a sippy cup with water in it just before I sat down to post. I told her just to drink a little bit of it at a time. Turns out there was a good reason for my suggestion... it all came up again, but at least it made it into her bowl.

Anyway, I just wanted to update you just in case anyone else out there is laughing with me about my insane illness-prone children over these last couple of weeks. I'm trying to figure out how I haven't gotten sick yet. Sometimes I wish I would get sick so I'd at least have an excuse to hole myself up in my room, shut the door and sleep all day. My luck is that Rob would be sick too and I'd just have to fight through it though :0)


Jennifer & DW said...

Oh....my...goodness! Seriously, what the heck! I feel sooooo bad for you, it has been a long couple of weeks.

T & K said...

I'm so sorry!

SaraJane G Campbell said...

Wow, friend! You have had a long couple of weeks. I am praying for you guys. Did you get to go to St. Helens??? I miss you and talk to you soon.